I was in a good mood for most of today. We had our senior assembly for the last hour of school, so everyone was crying, even some of the freshmen. I can’t be there for my senior year because I will be crying my eyes out for sure. And I don’t even like that school. So in that sad mood I had to go to my dads. I almost fell asleep driving because the traffic was slow and the sun was out. It was the perfect napping temperature and my dad was falling asleep which never helps if you’re trying to stay awake. I kept veering off to the side without realizing it because my eyes kept shutting. Nothing I did helped. I turned up the radio, rolled down the radio, rolled down the windows; I even started biting my nails in the hopes that giving my hands something to do would help. It didn’t. I was still falling asleep while chewing my nails.

I didn’t have time to talk to the councilor but I’m definitely going to talk to her on Monday. Journalism, although not my favorite class, is basically a room full of great people and I want to be able to say I spent my time in high school loving at least one group of friends. Next year I’ll be a junior, which is supposed to be the hardest year. I’ll need a fun class at the end of my day to keep me sane, or somewhere near sane.

Now, about the wedding rehearsal. It took about an hour, but the dinner after words was fun. We went to a really fancy golf course (dresses in jeans and t-shirts while everyone else was in dresses and suits). My dad had at least four glasses of wine and was getting a bit tipsy. I guess my sister thinks he changed after getting a girlfriend. I haven’t notice, he’s always been the same asshole to me. But my sister has started to realize he won’t jump up and do things with her like he used to. Why should he, she’s his daughter and he has a girlfriend. I guess he’s also been saying how he’s going to put her on a diet while she’s with him this summer. And he kept on commenting during dinner about how she wasn’t allowed to eat when she got home. All the while he’s shoveling down food like he hadn’t eaten in days. He ate two meals, four bread rolls, four glasses of wine, the appetizer, the salad, as well as the strawberry pie. Finally I got fed up and told him to shut it, and then said how I eat more than she does. Which isn’t true but he was pissing me off and he really needed to stop talking because his ears would’ve been more full than his stomach by the time I got done telling him off. He kept talking about nothing the entire night, and wouldn’t stop when the toasts started. I had to tell him to be quiet through the whole thing, so my back was turned to the speakers and I couldn’t hear what they said.

I had to drive home because by the end of the night he was slurring his words and there was no way he could drive. Except he drove his enormous truck there so I felt like I was ten feet in the air the entire ride home, and I could barely see the lines of the road. I always felt lik I was talking up more than one lane, because its such an annoyingly large rig. Anyway, I did have fun. But I’m certainly ready to be back home now. The wedding is tomorrow night; it’s going to be long and broing for sure. My cousin was saying at the dinner how she would’ve been sleeping at the rehersal. I don’t really like wedding, they take forever, talk too much about god, and are extremely boring. The church theyre getting married in though is really big. I want to take a tour; they said people get lost in it all the time. It’s as old as my grandparent haha; 82 years. I’m going to try and convince my sister to walk around with me after the wedding. I may not like church but I love old things. They had a table walking in that was absolutely gorgeous. Had to be at least 70 years old.