The trouble with about pages is, it’s really hard to tell people about yourself. You can easily say: I like blue, the trees, and chocolate, but what does that actually tell people about yourself? And then of course, you can say that you like who you are and you find yourself funny and you do all these other things and blah blah blah, but that’s only your opinion of yourself, which is much different than the way other people see you. So I will do my best to tell you what other people see me as, only I’ll make it a bit nicer so that I don’t feel like crap.

I like plants. A lot. I’ve got about 50 houseplants, the largest being a 6ft tree. I am always interested in learning new gardening techniques and would absolutely love to add a pond, beehive, and some chickens to my yard. And a goat if I could sneak one in.

At age 16 I have spent my whole life in western Washington. My birthday is February 6th, 1994. I have lived most of my life lying to the people I see everyday about my sexuality. I’m gay, but due to serious levels of harassment and bullying, I have lied blatantly about it. I walk better than several of my friends (all of whom are girls) and have been described as talking as an old smoker lady, as well as Squidward from Spongebob. I can color coordinate, and dress others very well, but I don’t wear anything other than jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket. My main jacket is a large grey thing that I’ve had for over a year, and I wear it almost everyday. I do not stand out; I blend into the surroundings. The ability to stay unnoticed has saved me several times from harassment.

I do not smoke, drink, get high, go to “da club” or hang out at large gatherings. I find my age group to be very irritating and oblivious to the world. For this reason I do not hang with them. I have managed to avoid most illegal activities and plan to keep it that way. I’m boring like that.

I’m an Aquarius. I don’t have a religion, although I am slightly spiritual.

I’m also very conceded. All I’m ever able to talk about is myself. I don’t mean to, and in fact I get really tired of it, but it is the only way I seem able to relate to the world. Forgive me in advance for that habit.

Believe me when I say, I do not care if you like me. If you have a problem with me, feel free to address it. But also know that I’m a bitch. I’m mean when I need to be, and rude when I don’t. I’m usually soft spoken though, so we shouldn’t have any major problems.

WARNING, THIS BLOG IS PRONE TO RAMBLING, RANTING, BITCHING AND COMPLAINING. This blog is about me. Remember, I’m conceded? I talk about my day, my thoughts, my dogs, my yard, my family- everything going on in my life ends up here. Rarely do I write anything that benefits anyone but me. As you read my posts, you will come to know me and all of my faults, as well as my better attributes. You are more than welcome to comment on them. I thrive on stats and comments so please go ahead and say something. I’ll be glad to know that someone is there reading this.

If you ever want to talk to me, just to talk to me or whatever, then please see my Talk To The Writer Page.

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