Since the Forums don’t really have a place to just talk to people I’ve decided to make my own little Forum area where you can ask me questions about anything on my blog or just talk to me. That way I won’t be adding false comments to my own posts. Feel free to ask or say anything on this page.

I’ve been noticing some confusion as to my gender. I would like to clear that up by saying I am in fact a guy. However I don’t really care what you think of me as because I understand that it’s easier to read things from certain people than it is from others. You can talk to me about WHATEVER you want to. I will not judge you, I’ve made some mistakes in my life too, I will simply offer advice (if you ask me to). Feel free to say anything that you want to while on this page.

You may also contact me here: if you truly feel the need. Be forewarned, I rarely check this account. Your best chance of contacting me is on this page. All comments are pre-scanned by me (I like to know when I get a comment) so you can ask me not to show it if you want.