Is it weird that I still get a little thrill every time I see my blog? It amazes me how much time and effort I’ve put into blogging. I have written and posted 419 posts. This will be my 420th. Should I get high as a celebration? Lol, just kidding. But seriously, I started this blog in November of 08, and came back to blogging on the 13th of this month of 09. I meant to do a little post about that on the 13th but, clearly, forgot. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this blog- this blog holds a lot of who I am. It shows a lot of my faults, several of my better qualities, but most importantly, it shows my life. Everyday for a little over a solid year I have posted. I’ve talked about suicide, I’ve talked about struggling with my sexuality, I’ve talked about becoming a drug dealer to help my mom with bills, I’ve poured all of my emotions into this. This blog. It is my constant.

I spend a little over an hour everyday blogging. An hour every day for a year (= a few hours over 15 days). The amount of sleep I’ve lost because I HAD to write down the days events. The number of times I’ve not done homework because I would’ve been too tired to post if I had. It makes me laugh. And sad. I feel like maybe I should print this someday soon. So that my life can be a book, not for the world, but for my descendants. If I have any that is. I dunno, I just feel like- well I’ve already told you then haven’t I. And yes, that sentence WAS said with a British accent in my head. I’m so glad you all caught that. Hahaha. You see, this blog is the one and ONLY place the insanity that is me gets to truly show. Where else could I suddenly burst into song, or adopt an accent just because I felt like it? So I want to thank you all, whether you’ve been reading me for months or for just a few weeks, thank you. You make my life a bit more lively every time I sign on.

Nothing worth mentioning today. I finished The City of Ember and picked up The Scorpion King. That was the extent of my day.