The wedding was really good. Very short and sweet and to the point. I expected it be hours longer than it was. The groom was teary the entire time, which was really sweet. My cousin (the bride) was laughing at him through the entire ceremony because he was bright red and chocking back tears. She looked marvelous too; her gown was gorgeous. The train was a bit longer than I would’ve had it, but I loved how it ruffled and appeared to have no seams. All of the edges folded back under the dress so that it appeared thicker and looked smoother. I really liked it.

Perhaps the most dramatic thing of the evening was that my aunt, the mother of the bride, tripped while walking down from the… stage? You had to go up a few steps to get to the area where the engaged became newly weds. She and the mother of the groom went up to light the candles. My aunt tripped on the way down. And then a very old woman, no idea if I’m related to her or not, just know she fell down the last few steps out of the church onto my noni who had thankfully just sat down. Those steps are really steep and are an odd size; several people stumbled on them. This poor woman fell completely though. Luckily she grabbed the railing, and then my cousin (not in the wedding; I have a huge family [we had third cousins there]) flew over to help her. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, she was just embarrassed.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to talk so much about the bad things of the wedding. My sister did very well as the candle lighter. She lit the candle that my aunt put out. After the wedding we went to La Quinta hotel. My dad sells produce to them, so it was kinda supporting the family business to have the after party there. And probably safer for those few people that drank a little too much. I was sad through most of the wedding. My cousin really had a fairy-tale wedding. She married her college sweetheart, who she traveled over seas with many times. They both love each other with everything they’ve got, and my cousin isn’t the type to love someone unless she was 100% sure that they would be together forever. They both are fairly well off, so they’ll probably be able to travel for years to come as well as retire early.

I was sad through the father daughter dance (my papa danced with her because her dad hasn’t talked to she or her brother in decades) because she has such a beautiful thing; a thing I will never have. Something I’ll never even be close to having. I- *sigh* I’m a mess, haha. I’m done with this I think, except to say that I think my dad could be thinking about marrying his girlfriend. She wasn’t allowed to come to the wedding with us because no one knows about her except my aunt and uncle. But she was over here until half an hour before the wedding. And apparently my dad already had her aunt and her brothers over here. So pretty much she’s my new stepmom. Wow, is it bad that even though my entire day revolved around the wedding, I can still make about half of this post about me? I think so. So I’ll be done for real now.