I may have mentioned on here a couple of times how much I hated my job, and specifically my manager. She’s literally the worst manager I’ve ever had. She was stealing from the company, never came to work, didn’t cover breaks, and flat out lied to all of the staff on numerous occasions. I was honestly days away from quitting. I was going to call the anonymous phone line companies have to alert them to serious issues on Tuesday. But on Monday I got a wonderful call from my new manager. She was my managers manager, but my manager was let go on Monday. Not only that, I was promoted to the Lead position for another store. AND I was given a raise. A 21% raise actually.

Today was my first day as a Lead. I almost made someone cry. It was our first day properly working together and I told her that this store is the “dirty store” of the company and we really need to work on cleaning it up, because that’s been the number one complaint from upper management. The store is honestly filthy. The floor is never swept, there’s dust on all of the shelves, and the back room has food crumbs all over the floor and desks. She said she didn’t think she needed to clean because she has to clean when she gets home and that’s not what she’s paid to do here. I was like???? cleaning the store on a day to day basis is literally in your job description??? I apologized for phrasing things so terribly and we agreed to work on things.

The store is honestly a train wreck though. Neither of the sales associates were trained properly, and both of them have been there longer than me. I was truly amazed at what all I had to train this girl on today. She has no initiative to learn things for herself and never bothered to ask for any kind of anything. I was in repair-mode from the second I walked in the door. Thankfully I’m meeting with my new manager tomorrow and I can address all of this with her.

Anyway, as negative as this post has been I’m actually really really excited to start work over in this store because I’m going to have so much free time to work on projects. And the pay is fantastic. $16 an hour! A whole dollar above living wage! I’ll actually be able to survive!