It’s been so long since I wrote anything! My laptop died on me so I’ve been waiting to get a new one. It just came in the mail today, and I’m very excited!

Since starting my retail job I’ve become even more removed from nature and gardening and all that. I’m not sure how, given its more in line with what I enjoy, but there you have it. I may even be up for a promotion soon. A new spot just opened up (there’s a ridiculous amount of drama around it), and my managers boss personally reached out to let me know it was available. When I find the time I’ll apply. I’m hoping I’ll get off early tomorrow and I’ll have time for it.

I’ve been working crazy hours lately. Last week was the longest yet, at 53. It’s almost ok because I get paid well, but it’s definitely starting to effect my dogs. I’m just never home, and between that and the constant rain, they aren’t getting much play time. Thankfully I’ve been given 4 days off in a row this week. I went for a hike with them today, and a walk when I got home from the hike.

I also met with two contractors for ductless heat pumps in the house today. We’ve been without a working furnace in this house since the year after we moved in. The ductless heat pumps are a much cheaper option and will also be cheaper to operate. The only draw back is that you have a decent sized piece of machinery mounted up on your wall. My mom is really opposed to the idea, but it’s 2/3 the cost of a furnace, provides AC, and will cut our energy bill by 3/4. Plus, I’m paying for all of it, so I’m not really sure she has a choice :p

In other news, I’ve found my soulmate! Her name is Sam, I’m sure I’ve mentioned her before. We have the exact same personality, except that she has no inhibitions. I’ve actually cried a couple of times because she’s said something that’s exactly what I would say. She just left for Arizona so I don’t get to see her much, but she’s amazing. Definitely a lifelong friend. It’s weird how we connected so quickly. And it was totally a mutual thing. No questions asked, no judgements, we’re just totally great friends.

Oh and my sister decided she should adopt a kitten. With leukemia. Cause 4 dogs weren’t enough. His name is Louie. He sleeps with me now. lol