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I’m a little overwhelmed with work. I hate not knowing how to do things that are required of me, and I’m really frustrated that its taking me so long to learn. There are so many drinks to remember and I get really flustered at work because I feel like I’m drowning in all of the information. I go into a kind of ‘absorb mode’, so if anyone asks me anything I sound completely stupid because I can’t remember it. I can tell you how to make a latte when I’m at home, but ask me at work and you can forget it. I’ve only been told once how many pumps of syrup go into each drink. And of course there are difference rules for macchiatos (i think?), which just completely throws me off. I wish I could take everything home with me so I could practice/learn in an environment where there isn’t a time crunch and a long line at all times. 

And I haaaaate how wasteful it all is. On Friday I got to help close, and on fridays the display cases are emptied because letting the food sit out over the weekend to get old is somehow bad? Virtually nothing can be given away because it all has the starbucks logo on it (?) so all of the food just gets thrown out. But because my manager is more relaxed than most she lets the employees take things home if they want. I took home everything that no one else wanted. Two garbage bags full. It was probably 40lbs of food. And it was all completely edible because its all wrapped individually. So I gave some away to my neighbors, to my sisters friends, and we’ve been eating through it over the weekend. I tried all the vegetarian options so that I can finally recommend things to people when they ask. All of the pastries were thrown into my worm bin today because there were just too many of them for us, and I’ve been slowly putting the sandwiches into the yard waste bin. I have a friend who works at a different store and she said there’s a goal of 7% pastry waste. This baffles me to no end. There’s actually a company wide goal to waste 7% of the products????? How does this make sense to annnnyyyyyone????? UGH.

Today I slept for 12 hours and finally had the energy to work outside. It was a decent temp out and wasn’t raining, so I didn’t want to waste the opportunity by staying inside. I took all of the worms out of my worm bin and placed them in a small plastic tub. I couldn’t believe how many worms there were. All of the uneaten food in the bin was moved to the back corner, and then I shoveled out as much dirt as I could. There’s a tree growing a few feet in front of the bin, as well as a very large rhododendron growing behind it and next to it. As a result there were a great deal of roots in the bottom of the bin where all the finished compost is. I had to use the shovel to chop through them, and then I shook them out and threw them on top of the food pile so the worms could eat them once I put them back. I filled a wheelbarrow and a half with all the finished compost I took out. It got spread out on one of the raised beds I made last year. The one that isn’t finished and has nothing growing in it because the fava beans I planted last year died over the winter. Once that was done I threw all of the pastries from work into the bin and then put the worms on top of those. The pastries shouldn’t take long to break down. I kind of feel like I’m gonna need to start eating more vegetables to feed all these worms. I can’t believe how many there are.

I went back inside once I finished that task, and it started raining again not long after. It rained nonstop for a few days, and there’s definitely a lot of flooding going on. My mom is really worried about sinkholes around the house. I can’t see that happening anywhere because we have so many plants next to the house that the roots should keep us safe from that. I’d really like to put in a rain garden somewhere, but the only place we really could put it would be right in the middle of the lawn. And that wouldn’t be ok with my mom I don’t think. We definitely need a greener garden though! We get more flowers every year but I still don’t feel like its enough. I don’t think I’ll be happy until the entire lawn is gone and the whole yard is completely packed with plants. And that won’t happen any time soon. The good news is that I did go plant shopping today! We got some mixed greens and kale for the garden, as well as a few random herbs that we’ll probably never use but will make the garden smell nicer and help distract pests. We also bought a bunch of different seeds but because its raining so much its too wet to plant them.

Ok i’m going to sign off now so I can finish my application to Evergreen and be on track to get a degree in environmental sciences. Making coffee for the rest of my life is absolutely not an option, and (I can’t believe I’m actually about to say this) I miss school.

A Big Day At The Barn

Yesterday was the busiest day at my internship so far. We had 65 volunteers and an unknown number of people coming through the garden for the farmers market on the other side of the barn. It was a lot of fun. I was there from 8:20 to 2:40. We had a watering station for the kids, as well as a bean planting station and a small gardening area, with lemon balm for them to play with. Eventually we ran out of things for the adults to do and sent them all to the willow/woodland area behind the barn. The three of us who were in charge, (my supervisor, and the other intern and I) all told the group how to weed, and what to weed, but people ended up just mowing through the place like goats. They filled an entire bin with just the leaves of buttercups. We’re not really sure how else to tell people to weed, because the three of us have all tried our own different methods of explaining it and none of them have worked. Oh well.

Thankfully it was only in the upper 70s. I can’t believe how hot its been this year. I think the hottest day so far was 86. Thats end of July weather normally. The grass is already turning brown! We’re expecting rain for the next week, which we really need. I threatened to take the hose out today because even though it rained a little last night, things are still painfully dry.

Let’s see. I have a camping trip to go to for my plant ID course next saturday. I refuse to go. A, the girl from my Bite Me 2.0 course, will more than likely be getting drunk and doing drugs. Actually, a fair percentage of the class will be doing that. Most everyone will be drinking for sure, including the teacher. I have no interest in any of that, so I’m going to stay home and go to my internship. Which I actually have to do anyway, because we’re going to have a group of 20+ coming in. But even if I didn’t have my internship, I wouldn’t go! lol.

Complaining Again

I’ve been pretty uncomfortable the last few days. I skipped my last class of the day yesterday and just came home and spent the rest of the day laying in bed. My whole lower abdomen is extremely uncomfortable, and I think I may have found a lump in there as well. I’ve been extremely tired and unable to get enough sleep to feel rested, excluding today, and have been a little short tempered as well. Today was alright because I managed to get 8 and a half hours of sleep, and woke up feeling almost normal. I only had a moment of discomfort once or twice, but have a headache so I still haven’t been able to get much done. Yesterday I told my Anthropology teacher that I may be unable to make it to school Wednesday, because sitting in her class for two hours is really unpleasant. I actually almost threw up yesterday because I had a random moment of extreme nausea. She told me not to come to class, and was very willing to work something out if I wasn’t feeling up to the final. I told her thanks and that I fully expect to go to class for that.

The trouble is that the quarter ends next Friday. I have two finals on Wednesday and one on Friday (of next week mind). So I really only have a few more days of genuine work to do before I have a few tests to take and I’m done. This makes it incredibly difficult for me to stay motivated, especially because I don’t care for any of these classes anyway. Plus, with the way I’ve been feeling and the potential for a life threatening disease, school isn’t exactly high on my to-do. I’m just kind of stuck in this floating stage at the moment, which really is what my life has been for the most part anyway, but it’s a little more pronounced at the moment I think. Oh! And I never had my wisdom teeth removed, because I hoped that they would never erupt and I wouldn’t have to deal with them. The furthest most back corner of my mouth began hurting severely yesterday, and my gums have definitely started moving around. So I may have to deal with the removal of all kinds of body parts before too long, which would be pleasant. My jaw pain is also contributing to my headache. And I’m just so tired…

Maybe I’ll hurry up and finish my Art project, which isn’t due until next Wednesday… I hope… Oh no, I’ve just checked and it’s due Monday… How unfortunate. And there’s quite a lot more to do than throw images together… whoops.

Sorry, I somehow got distracted by tumblr… ugh, somebody come save me. I’ve been out the last two nights in a row, which never happens. I’m normally a homebody, but… I don’t know, I think the idea of finally confirming I have cancer has put this desire to do things in me. Which is a bother, because if I’m going to be stir crazy (which I’m sure I will) while going through chemo, I may go properly mad. In more exciting news, I went out and bought a new plant and some velvet medicine for my fish. The male’s fins are beginning to split, which shows how extremely unhealthy he is. I was reluctant to try treatment again, because I used something that treated for ick and velvet before and had no results, but this medicine is supposed to treat the fish themselves, not the water. So! Here’s hoping they get healthy, because watching sick fish while slowly being killed by chemo just doesn’t sound like fun!

This quarter in school involves a really long break between classes. I’m taking Astronomy 201 and Math 98 (equivalent to 9th grade math). Unfortunately Astronomy is from 9:30 to 10:20 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Math is every day from 1:30 to 2:20. Which means I’ve got a three-hour break, three days a week. I came home for lunch today. Its much too nice out (the weather report claims its only 57, but its definitely in the 70s where I’m sitting) to be stuck in a stuffy cafeteria. The dogs are glad to be out I think, except Sam. His dark fur makes him too hot almost instantly, so he’s inside. He’ll come lay on the cool concrete at my feet every so often, and when I first let him out he was rolling in the freshly mowed lawn, but for the most part he stays inside. Buttercup and Kira both play until they’re unable to breath, and then they take a break in the shade with me.

The bees are out of course. Every so often a flower will bob unexpectedly in the yard, and a little glowing orb of gold will streak away from it. The last couple days have been really nice, and flowers are popping up like crazy as a result. The blossoming cherry burst into bloom in under two days. All of the hyacinth are up, which is a big part of where the bees are getting their nectar from right now I think.

I’m really hoping I do well in Math this quarter. Math is my absolute worst subject. For some reason I just don’t understand it. I really need to figure it out though, because if I plan on being a botany major, I’m going to need a ton of chemistry classes. And Chemistry requires math. I hate both 😦

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had anything truly interesting going on. Summer has been passing by faster and faster. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I last wrote something. Despite sitting around all day, it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

I’ve got a few pictures from the past week to show you all, but my cameras downstairs so those will have to wait until next week. Or tomorrow if you’re lucky.

Tomorrow is the Special Olympics tournament for baseball. I’ve got to get up at 5:45 to be out of the house by 6:30 to get to the tournament by 7:15. I’m not looking forward to it. Especially since the last game starts at 4:30. blech.

I don’t think I mentioned this the last time I posted, but I’m writing a book. Yes, another one. I’ve got 10 pages on this one, which is the most I’ve ever written. I’m on chapter two. This story is, naturally, another fantasy containing, naturally, another shape shifter. We’ll see how far I get with it. I’m hopping to actually finish the story but, again, we’ll see.

My second crop of peas is coming up! I’m so excited. I was worried we wouldn’t be getting any more. Not that we’ve eaten the first crop. There’s a big container of them in the freezer. But it’s ok because they have nitrogen fixing bacteria in their roots and they have a lot of mass above ground which can be composted nicely. So I’m really ok with having too many peas. I’d rather have too much food that not enough.

I think my biggest challenge for growing things is going to be lettuce. I’ve planted two crops from seed and couldn’t get either to grow. I’m terrible with seeds. If it’s already growing I have no trouble with it. But seeds kill me. Beans and peas are the only seeds I can do. And carrots. And turnips even. But beyond those, forget it.

The dogs and I have spent most of the summer inside. I think I finally set my body to a winter setting at the end of winter, and haven’t figured out how to switch it back to summer. Which is going to drive me nuts. It’s too hot out! I would love it if it never got above 75. The 80s are too warm, and you might as well kill me in the 90’s. 60’s are perfect, 50’s are a bit too cool, and 30’s and 40’s are annoying because it’s not cold enough to snow but cold enough to be bothersome.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. I just wanted to update because it’s been so long. My life is too boring to write about daily anymore. Not that it was ever interesting, it’s just become even more boring. Which is just fine with me, it just makes blogging more difficult.

Oh I know! I didn’t tell you all about the creepo homeless man!

A couple days ago the woman who lives two houses down had someone at her door. She opened the peephole to see who it was. A homeless man was there asking to come in to use the bathroom. When she said no he said it was an emergency. Denied again he said he’d “give it to her real good” as an incentive. Obviously she wasn’t going to let him in now, but not to be put out the man tried another tact, saying he was a virgin and really needed it. That didn’t work so he tried to say he was pregnant. Eventually he left and the woman called the cops. The man went to my neighbors next, but she never goes to her door so she didn’t have to deal with him. I was in the shower and didn’t hear the dogs barking so I don’t think he came to my house. He did go to the church across the street though. And groped the pastor’s wife. They called the police obviously.

I’m not sure when they caught him exactly but we found out the next day that he was being held in prison for two months while his mental health was evaluated. We also found out that he’d been living in the motor home the woman and her family (who moved out a few weeks ago [they were the crazy house with the son stabbing the father and all of that]) had had sitting in their driveway! He would sneak in at night when everyone else was sleeping and sleep in the top bunk above the drivers seat. Which means he was watching the house for a long while and knew who would be home alone during the day. I think he didn’t come to my house because my mom had taken the bus that day and left the car for me. So I think he thought there was more than one person home.

So yeah, this is what I live around. Homeless creeps who are so out of their minds because they’re shooting heroine (they found needles in the motor home) instead of taking their meds, they go around groping people and trying to get into people’s homes. Blech.

I’m going to bed now because I have to get up early tomorrow. Night!

Until Next Time

Oh it’s been so long since I last posted! I’ve truly been missing this. My mind just can’t cope without the constant dumping of the days events. We had our neighborhood garage sale this weekend, which forced me to spend two full days sitting alongside my mother with no breaks more than an hour long. At the end of the second day, I kid you not, I was talking to my sister and she said something that was really not funny at all but I snapped and laughed until I cried. I’m going more and more insane by the minute I fear. And my poor sister just had to stand there while I had my little episode. She just sort of nervously laughed at me, not really sure what to do. I felt much better once I’d finished laughing though. I haven’t had a good laugh like that in ages. I realize it was probably all the stress of the past two days (on top of the stress of finals, though I didn’t really have any) built up and releasing its self then, but it was still a bit intense.

I’ve been busy since school got out though. And I’m really glad I passed all my classes! Two high B’s and a high C. Wonderful. Anyway. I did the garage sale, cleaned the whole house, and have done a bunch of weeding, though still not enough to keep up with the jungle that’s taking over my yard. Yesterday I spent about 4 hours pressure washing the back patio, the walkway to the back yard, and the driveway. F let me borrow his pressure washer, and helped me by doing the bits up close by the house. He was worried I was going to “blow out the windows”. He also did the walkway up to the front door, since I was ready to be done for the day and didn’t think it needed doing. I told him he really didn’t have to, but S said he likes doing it. My mom and sister were gone the whole day naturally, so F and S did me the extra big favor of getting me taco time for dinner. I ate out on their patio with them.

I’ve been getting up relatively early to get things done. I’m completely out of proper gardening space though. All the raised beds are full and there’s no where else that will fit proper food stuffs. I’m going to spend the next few weeks condensing all of the flowers and things together so that we can have more room. I would love to remove the lawn in the front to make room for corn and peas and beans. Once the strawberries are done blooming I’m going to pull them all up and put them in a couple tall/large PVC pipes filled with dirt. The berries will ripen faster and better, it’ll keep the slugs and snails away, the dogs won’t be able to poop on them, and the beds the strawberries are in now will get freed up for corn or peas. There’s a lot of room in this yard, it’s just been poorly laid out. And since I’m not allowed to cut into the lawn, I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got. Tomorrow I’ll be pulling up a couple of dead rhodi’s and pulling out a few roses that froze over the winter and have gone back to their “wild” roots. Then I’ll be moving some iris around to make some of the random chunks of open space we’ve got more open.

I’m so excited though! Some of the iris have gone to seed! We noticed a few new flower types and colors in the yard this year, including some oddly shaped light purple iris, as well as a pale yellow iris with a pale yellow center. I LOVE when things like this happen. And all thanks to the bees! Oh dear. Yesterday I was weeding near the hive, but I figured I was far enough a way that it wouldn’t be a problem. A bee buzzed me right by the ear which freaked me out. I tried to jump from a position on all fours into a full run, stumbled, fell and slid. Who should come outside at the exact moment as I was falling? S of course. I felt like such a complete fool. I still had to get up and hurriedly walk away from the hive because I didn’t want the bee around me. She didn’t laugh at me, even though I was laughing at me. I looked like a complete idiot I’m sure.

There’s not much else new around here. Oh! I planted some of the pumpkin seeds that I kept from last year and one of them popped up today! The squash/gourds I planted are also coming up. I’m so excited. I don’t know how to grow either of those things really, or if they’ll even make it to fruition, but I’m exited to see the seedlings. I never do well with seeds. But the ‘Velvet Queen’ sunflowers that we bought last year went to seed and one’s come back all on it’s own this year! I thought it was corn, since I planted the purple corn seeds around it, but now that it’ bigger (and the corns coming up properly) I realized what it was. I only managed to get one of the giant sunflowers to grow from seed. I’m not good with seeds!

Ok. I’m still tired from pressure washing. I’m going to bed now. I’ll try not to be gone for so long again!

Until next time. -Willow