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Two months ago my mom was going to take me out to a “show” for my birthday. It snowed that night though, so we couldn’t leave the house. We drive a Prius, and that thing barely handles the rain. 8 of us were supposed to go total, and only 2 people besides my mom knew where the show was. The rest of us were certain it was a drag show, but my mom wouldn’t say until we were actually seated in the place. It was a drag show, haha. It was so much fun! I was extremely nervous when we got there, cause I’ve never been to aaaanything like that before. I’ve been to one real concert in my life and, while I had fun, I don’t care for loud music or large crowds. Adding to my distress, my mom and neighbor (who came with us) were telling me I was going to have to go on stage and talk to the queens because it was my birthday, and that was way too intimidating for me to handle. This was a dinner and a show type place, and I ordered a Caesar salad, the dressing of which is made with anchovy paste, which I forgot. I was eating it and it was making me feel worse, and it tasted really off to me. I mentioned it to my mom and she realized she had forgotten it was made with fish paste too. Fortunately that gave me an excuse to stop eating, because I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up.

I slowly loosened up over the next two hours, while we waited for the show to start. My neighbor and mom ordered jello shots from “Alex”, the very muscled man caring a platter of them around wearing nothing but a very tight pair of underwear. Did I mention they had him sit on their laps and took the jello shots out of his mouth? Cause they did. They also forced my friend Jordan and I to take a picture with him, and they made Jordan give him the money for the shots. And the rule for paying for shots is that he can’t take the money from you; you have to put it in his underwear. He looked completely bored having all of these drunken women fawning all over him all evening. I felt kind of bad for him. (And I know this will sound bad but) I didn’t find him all that attractive. Guys with muscles like that just aren’t that appealing to me, mostly because I look nothing like that I think, haha.

Anyway, eventually the show started, and it went for 2 hours. It was great! They had lady gaga, Celine Dion, Madonna, Adele, Barbara, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, J. Lo, and of course Cher. Celine and Cher were fantastic. Our host had their own character name, but also did Adele at some point in the show. There was lots of walking up and down through the audience, and there was a point in the show where the choreographer (we didn’t find out it was him until the end of the show) climbed up two pieces of cloth and was flipping around in them and hanging himself by his arms and legs in all sort of crazy positions. It was intense!

There were at least 4 different bachelorette parties there, which I thought was really weird. One of the girls got so drunk that she passed out in the middle of the show and fell into the isle. They had to stop everything to get her cleared out of the way.

It was a lot of fun though. I’m glad I forced myself out of my comfort zone and let myself have a good time. In situations like that I usually clam up and make things difficult for everyone, but tonight I tried really hard not to do that at all. I posed for the pictures and smiled when I was supposed to. I rolled my eyes a lot while the jello shot guy was around, mostly because my mom and neighbor were ogling him so much. That said, one of the male dancers was suuuper cute. He was a toned blonde guy who was one of the better dancers, in my opinion. I mentioned him to my neighbor and she pointed him out to my mom, and my mom thought with some eye liner and a hat he could look like the love interest from Burlesque. Only about 60 lbs lighter and with a smaller face.

Anyway, its 3 am and I need to sleep. Dinner was at 7:30 and the show started at 10 and ended just after midnight. My mom is talking about taking us all back again next year when my friend and I are both 21 so we can drink too. Oh! I almost forgot! My sister and her friend came, and there is a point early in the show when the hostess asks if anyone wants to go up on stage, so they both went up, and my sisters friend got picked to talk to the hostess! My sisters friend was actually my friend during freshmen year of high school, but we quickly grew apart as I realized jazz and liquor were not for me. Anyway, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and said she wanted to be a nurse, and she was complimented on her eyebrows, which she had painted on. She was also asked who she wanted to be if she could be anyone in the world, and she said she would like to be the hostess, lol.

Ok, now I really need to go to bed! I just wanted to write a quick post about the craziest night of my life. I’ve never done anything like that before, and literally all I did all night was sit next to the wall, farthest away from the isle, and smile all evening. I did sing along to several of the songs, and clap accordingly, but really I didn’t do anything crazy. My comfort zone is very very restricted, which is weird since I love watching RuPauls drag race.

I didn’t have time to post about this yesterday, but do you guys remember my neighbors who live two houses down from me? The ones where the father stabbed his son who had attacked his mother? Well, that son was recently released from jail and was going into rehab next week. Yesterday he lost it and shot both his mother and father in law, as well as his grandson (not at the house two houses down though). My neighbors F and S, who are friends with the man’s sister (the woman who currently lives two houses down) said that he killed his wife. After attacking his family he fled north where he killed himself in a rental car.

Here’s the link to the official news report if you’d like to read more. http://www.komonews.com/news/At-least-one-shot-in-Renton-area-176120421.html?m=y&smobile=y&clmob=y&c=n

While that all was going on, I was out to a short play with my mom, sister, grandpa and his wife. It was surprisingly fun. The play was a short, 40 minute thing performed at Molbec’s (a nursery a couple towns away), by the employ’s there. The nursery was fantastic, and my mom bought me a hanging pitcher plant. I have wanted one for YEARS. Its one of the proper large ones that would catch a small rodent. It was $40, the most expensive houseplant I’ve ever bought, but i think it was well worth it. It makes my room so much more exotic! I had a pitcher plant, about a year ago I think, that was a ground-dwelling variety. I managed to get it to bloom accidentally, but it never recovered and it died. This one is large and sturdy though, so lets hope it lasts longer than a few months. The tag it came with says it should be kept in 50% shade, but everything I read online says it needs bright, indirect sunlight. It also needs high humidity and lots of water, so I may just keep it in the bathroom and see what happens. If it appears unhappy I’ll move it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I’m not looking forward to school tomorrow :/

Misc Summary

This April Fools joke from wordpress was not ok! I got a comment from someone saying there was radioactive milk in Washington, and then I saw that I had over 1000 views. I thought hell had frozen over or something. I only got 101. Xp. WordPress is mean.

Today was boring. I came home from HS and practiced the routine for a little bit. I need all the practice I can get! After that I just lounged around. I did do the dishes though.

I bought my books too for Spring quarter too. Which I am slightly freaked out about. It starts Monday and I’m worried the classes are going to be too much for me. Plant identification and a Chemistry class. It’s going to be super intense. I hope I can manage… I’m not good at retaining information! I’m really starting to panic.

Anyway. J called today. She wanted to clear things up between us. I said that I was fine as long as whatever happened between she and my sister was cleared up. And she said it was. I’m not sure if she was trying for an apology from me, but she didn’t get one. Yes, I should’ve gone over and asked what happened and heard her side of things, but I don’t regret not doing that. So, yeah. I’m not really sure what this means for the future of this neighborship, but at the very least, we’ll still be cordial with each other.

The guy who used to live behind us to the left had a yard crew over today. They cut down several trees that were only just taller than the building they were growing right next to. They also laid down a bunch of beauty bark in all of the flower beds, and cut all the hedges down about three feet. It looks nicer, but still weird. Our privacy is pretty much still the same. I might plant something next to the fence just to try and deter the dogs or something.

My mom and I watched Eat, Pray, Love tonight. There were some spiritual aspects to the show that I found I do myself, with almost no training. I sit and think about the world with a blank mind. I’m a master of sitting and doing nothing. And… there was one other thing. I can’t remember. But I’m really hot and I need to go to bed because I have my second rehearsal tomorrow!


Guess who didn’t get that much done for their people to people trip today?! Thaaats right! Me!

I got up at 9, and my mom left to take her final for the excel class she’s been taking at 10. She said she got a 73% on the final but a 95% on the class. My sister spent the night at J’s, so I spent the morning home alone. I gave Sam a bath, which he hated. The first time I tried to get him into the bathroom he peed because he was so scared. Which he hasn’t done in YEARS. I was like, what the heck? I put him outside, cleaned the mess, then forced him to take a bath anyway. I had to drag him to the bathroom, and then lift him into the shower because he simply wouldn’t go. He sat looking miserable the whole time, but seemed happier than he has in a while after he was dried off.

It was a really nice day today. The bees were out which was awesome. It got up into the high 60s according to my thermometer. I don’t think it was really that warm out though. And it’s always windy through here so it usually feels colder than it is. The bees were still out when it was in the 50’s though, which is a really good sign that they are more tolerant of the cold and will thus do more work despite the colder conditions. I think I’ll put the second box on when the Cherry blossom blossoms. Which should be by the end of next week according to my blog. I think it might be more like early April though. Anyway. I left the door in the back open, opened all the blinds, then swept the house and vacuumed and did a minimal bit of dusting. J came over for dinner tonight, so I had to make the house somewhat presentable.

My mom came back around 1, then ran off to the post office to ship that Christmas package for my Japanese family. Yeah, Merry Christmas! Do you think they’ll notice that it’s late? She came home around 2, then took me to my favorite nursery to buy some heirloom seeds. I’m not really sure if I got heirlooms or not though. And I’m seriously again genetically modified anything, so I’d really rather not be growing any genetically modified stuff in my yard. I know some of the lettuce we bought was heirloom, but it prefers shade, of which my yard has none. So… I didn’t plant that. We got peas, beans (why I don’t know), broccoli, rainbow carrots, and two or three types of lettuce. Some of the lettuce from last year reseeded itself! It was the least favorite among my family though, so I didn’t feel bad about pulling up the stuff that was growing where it wasn’t supposed to. I left the stuff that was growing in the bed alone, and just planted around it. I’m glad things are reseeding. I think that if seeds need to be brought indoors for the winter then they shouldn’t really be grown in that area. I would love to let everything I’m growing this year go to seed and use only my seeds from now on. Plus things in bloom are always pretty.

I planted the carrots and peas and lettuce today. Only the red lettuce though. Which was among our favorites last year.

My mom was working on the people to people letter inside today. It looked absolutely nothing like my own, since mine was about half a page of just writing and hers was about 4 sentences long, had a picture in it (not of me thankfully) and had all the contact info for people to people. Tomorrow we’ll supposedly be making a bunch of copies of that at her work, but we’ll see what we can get done. After we were both finished J and my sister (HIM as Amber and I like to call her, though I’ve forgotten why…) came over to eat. We had flank steak, salad and some diced potatoes and yams. Since I won’t get to taste Italian or French wine while I’m on my travels, my mom wanted me to try some at home lol. So we all just sat around and drank two bottles of wine (J brought some white wine, which was much better than the red I think). I had two or three glasses of wine and then had about half a glass of the lemon cello my mom got for Christmas. Sweet things are so much better. I was slightly dizzy for a minute or two, but no one but I could tell. I was virtually unchanged by the alcohol.

My sister on the other hand got much louder and laughed a lot more at stupid things. She had 4 or 5 glasses of wine. Her face got beet red (mine was a little pink for most of the evening, but never as bad as hers), which was hilarious because there was a line of red on her neck where the coloration just stopped. It wasn’t a gradual thing, it was just red and then white. Anyway, J said something and then my sister lost it and laughed uncontrollably for about two minutes. One of those ridiculous high pitched laughs that she has been known to do sometimes. My mom had left just before that happened though, to go and get one of my sisters friends whose psycho mom told her she didn’t want her in the house tonight. If my mom ever did that to me, we would have problems. You can’t just kick your kid out of the house for no reason. AND then threaten to call the police and list her as a runaway if she goes to someone’s house that you don’t like. Her mom needs a good smack.

The rest of the evening was fun. I had to go upstairs to watch Being Human when I saw that it was on. And then part of The Graham Norton show. Which is HILARIOUS. I love that show.

Alright, it’s been a full day. I’m sleepy now. Oh! And I’ll post some pictures of the “super moon” tomorrow on a different post. Incase for whatever reason I’m selected for a freshly pressed thing. As if.

I’m now over halfway done with this scarf. I spent all day watching Ugly Betty and knitting.

Anyway, some girls from my pottery class were thinking of having a Disney movie marathon. I don’t think they realize that I know most of the words to the songs in the classics. And in the two minutes it took me to reply to their comments, I came up with *goes back to count*  10 movies that we’d need to watch. Mulan, The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid. I listed Toy Story and The Aristocats as movies we can’t watch. Toy Story will have my crying my eyes out and The Aristocats is one of my least favorite movies. It’s not that exciting. And the music is nothing like Mulan’s or Pocahontas’s. If you can think of any others I would appreciate it. Even if they decide they don’t want to watch any movies (or more likely, not watch them with me) then at least I’ll have a list of all the movies I need to go through. Just thought of Bambi, Fox and the Hound, and Bugs Life. See, you guys are being helpful already!

At 6 my family went over to J’s for some Turkey loaf, potatoes and salad for dinner and then to watch The Oscars. The dinner was pretty good. I could’ve eaten the entire salad by myself though. I love candied pecans and cranberries in a salad. If there had been avocado’s I wouldn’t’ve eaten anything else. The Oscars weren’t that exciting. I freaked out though because I saw scenes from Toy Story 3 I hadn’t seen before. I still haven’t seen the movie, so they were huge spoilers! I covered my eyes to try and avoid further damage, but it was too late. Ugh. I will have to try and find a day where I’ll be home and alone and go buy the movie from somewhere to watch it.

My mom only stayed for dinner because she had a lot of work to do. My sister and I stayed for the show and then once it was over we headed home as well. I then took over the computer from my mom (not before knitting for an hour or two of course) and tried to finish my math project which should’ve been done a week ago. Eh. I tried for almost an hour to get the stupid thing to make sense but I was completely lost. I gave up, made my powerpoint hurriedly and signed on to my own computer to check out the classes for college. Since the environmental science class I wanted to take is so full it’s not even listed as an option anymore, I have to sign up for something else. My botany class still has room though, which is exciting. I’m thinking I’ll take a chemistry class. That way I get some of my chemistry out of the way and next year I can take a biology class. I don’t like chemistry. All the protons and neutrons and elements. The only elements I care about are water, earth, wind and fire. All the other 170 or however many there are don’t matter to me. Except silver and gold. They’re kind of nice.

Tomorrow my mom’s going to be driving my sister and I into school, like always. I’ll be going in to talk to my councilor so she’ll sign this stupid form and I can sign up for my classes. My mom will be talking to the admissions lady, or whatever her title is, about applying for an inner district school change or something. I don’t know. Basically it’s a thing that would let my sister and I continue to go to the stupid school we currently attend. I do really hate this school. But, the other schools in the district are even worse, and I’m not interested in dealing with the politics and hassle of changing to a different school. Especially not so close to the end of the college quarter.

Blech. This tea is not good cold. If it weren’t so late I’d refill it, but I’m tired, my fingers hurt, and I think I might be catching a cold or something. I was coughing the other day, and my throats been feeling sore. I’ll be annoyed if I finally get sick. It’s almost spring time. Getting sick now is not ok! I lost this week of possible yard work to snow storms. I will not loose another week to illness!

Now, I’m off to bed to ensure I’m at my healthiest.

Also, it’s been raining like crazy for almost 3 hours now. The snow has finally all melted away. I find going to school when there’s still snow on the ground to be annoying.

My sister and I have decided that we want to run a business together. It’s going to be a resteraunt/shop. My sister will be the chef, and I’ll grow the foods as well as the grapes and make the wine. I’ll also be selling some of my knitting. Which I’ll be making in my free time, lol. The only catch is, my sister and I can’t work together. I don’t remember how or why we came up with this plan, I think my sister was watching me knit and just randomly announced it to me, but it’s a fun one. Just wanted to document it. Incase it actually happens.

Today we just sat around the house (dads house still) while I knit. I made the most wonderful bowl/basket ever! I love it; it’s my favorite. Take a look.

It’s about 3 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Maybe I should’ve made it taller now that I look at it.

I really like it though. The handle was a pain the butt because I had to remember to pay attention to where each of the three strings of yarn I was using were. I messed up at least a dozen times and had to reknit several rows. I’m going to felt it tomorrow, since there wasn’t time tonight and I wanted to get a picture of it before it was (possibly) ruined in the wash.

We watched Easy A which was hilarious. I loved it. Have to buy it. My sister was obnoxious and practically climaxed every time “cookies” (Cam Gigandet) came on screen. Yes, he is ridiculously good looking. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to start half moaning half chanting “cookies” every freaking time he’s on the screen. My sister is annoying to watch movies with. If there’s a hot guy then she has to comment loudly about how much she’d like to jump his bones. I just want to watch the show. If you want to look at hot naked men, order yourself some porn and that vibrator that “blows your hair back” (those commercials are a bit of an inside joke with my family and J) and let the rest of the world enjoy their movie in peace.

My mom came and got us at 7:15, dropped us at home, and then went to the casino (which one I don’t know) with the rest of my family. The of-age one’s anyway. My sister and I stayed home and played the dancing game with J. Then we got tired and watched I Am Sam, which was a sad/cute movie. I started knitting some fingerless gloves for myself. Still debating the color choices. A multicolored strand of yarn that turns from dark blue to brown, and brown. The browns are practically the same, so when they’re together they make a big ugly brown spot. I might start over and try a black or gray as the second color. I dunno.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. I stopped in the middle of writing this and wrote myself instructions on how to make this basket again. Because I think I’ll forget.

Also. My email was being a poop (and I hadn’t checked it for almost a month) so when I signed in tonight I had a back up month old messages that I thought I had deleted but which had actually merged back in to my inbox. So I found these pictures of the dogs which I sent myself at the beginning of the month (the 8th and 9th).

I love it when Kira does this face! And here was Buttercup before she went to the groomer.

Tired scruffy little pup. She loves sleeping up here and has also taken to sitting directly infront of the fireplace. Up on the hearth.

My little munchkin baby. I’m going to eat her one day. So cute! Sitting there thinking she’s all tough keepin an eye on the riff-raff who walk our street. She rested her head on the window sill after I took this. Too tired to even hold her head up while she watched over the house. It’s a big job for a little dog.

*Throws up arms* I’m a freak, yay me! *clicks Publish then flees computer desk to his bed* *shouts ‘night!’ at computer*