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Two months ago my mom was going to take me out to a “show” for my birthday. It snowed that night though, so we couldn’t leave the house. We drive a Prius, and that thing barely handles the rain. 8 of us were supposed to go total, and only 2 people besides my mom knew where the show was. The rest of us were certain it was a drag show, but my mom wouldn’t say until we were actually seated in the place. It was a drag show, haha. It was so much fun! I was extremely nervous when we got there, cause I’ve never been to aaaanything like that before. I’ve been to one real concert in my life and, while I had fun, I don’t care for loud music or large crowds. Adding to my distress, my mom and neighbor (who came with us) were telling me I was going to have to go on stage and talk to the queens because it was my birthday, and that was way too intimidating for me to handle. This was a dinner and a show type place, and I ordered a Caesar salad, the dressing of which is made with anchovy paste, which I forgot. I was eating it and it was making me feel worse, and it tasted really off to me. I mentioned it to my mom and she realized she had forgotten it was made with fish paste too. Fortunately that gave me an excuse to stop eating, because I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up.

I slowly loosened up over the next two hours, while we waited for the show to start. My neighbor and mom ordered jello shots from “Alex”, the very muscled man caring a platter of them around wearing nothing but a very tight pair of underwear. Did I mention they had him sit on their laps and took the jello shots out of his mouth? Cause they did. They also forced my friend Jordan and I to take a picture with him, and they made Jordan give him the money for the shots. And the rule for paying for shots is that he can’t take the money from you; you have to put it in his underwear. He looked completely bored having all of these drunken women fawning all over him all evening. I felt kind of bad for him. (And I know this will sound bad but) I didn’t find him all that attractive. Guys with muscles like that just aren’t that appealing to me, mostly because I look nothing like that I think, haha.

Anyway, eventually the show started, and it went for 2 hours. It was great! They had lady gaga, Celine Dion, Madonna, Adele, Barbara, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, J. Lo, and of course Cher. Celine and Cher were fantastic. Our host had their own character name, but also did Adele at some point in the show. There was lots of walking up and down through the audience, and there was a point in the show where the choreographer (we didn’t find out it was him until the end of the show) climbed up two pieces of cloth and was flipping around in them and hanging himself by his arms and legs in all sort of crazy positions. It was intense!

There were at least 4 different bachelorette parties there, which I thought was really weird. One of the girls got so drunk that she passed out in the middle of the show and fell into the isle. They had to stop everything to get her cleared out of the way.

It was a lot of fun though. I’m glad I forced myself out of my comfort zone and let myself have a good time. In situations like that I usually clam up and make things difficult for everyone, but tonight I tried really hard not to do that at all. I posed for the pictures and smiled when I was supposed to. I rolled my eyes a lot while the jello shot guy was around, mostly because my mom and neighbor were ogling him so much. That said, one of the male dancers was suuuper cute. He was a toned blonde guy who was one of the better dancers, in my opinion. I mentioned him to my neighbor and she pointed him out to my mom, and my mom thought with some eye liner and a hat he could look like the love interest from Burlesque. Only about 60 lbs lighter and with a smaller face.

Anyway, its 3 am and I need to sleep. Dinner was at 7:30 and the show started at 10 and ended just after midnight. My mom is talking about taking us all back again next year when my friend and I are both 21 so we can drink too. Oh! I almost forgot! My sister and her friend came, and there is a point early in the show when the hostess asks if anyone wants to go up on stage, so they both went up, and my sisters friend got picked to talk to the hostess! My sisters friend was actually my friend during freshmen year of high school, but we quickly grew apart as I realized jazz and liquor were not for me. Anyway, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and said she wanted to be a nurse, and she was complimented on her eyebrows, which she had painted on. She was also asked who she wanted to be if she could be anyone in the world, and she said she would like to be the hostess, lol.

Ok, now I really need to go to bed! I just wanted to write a quick post about the craziest night of my life. I’ve never done anything like that before, and literally all I did all night was sit next to the wall, farthest away from the isle, and smile all evening. I did sing along to several of the songs, and clap accordingly, but really I didn’t do anything crazy. My comfort zone is very very restricted, which is weird since I love watching RuPauls drag race.

My sister and I drove down to my dads and got there around 12:30 ish. Of course the issue of when to arrive at the party at 1 was a big deal. I really didn’t understand why my sister, my dad, and J (his girlfriend who was allowed to come) were so concerned about when they should arrive. I was just like, let’s go now. We were all ready and could’ve easily been there exactly at 1. Instead my dad decided to drive around a bit so we got there at 1:05 so we weren’t on time. It made no sense to me. It’s not like my aunt was going to care, and my cousin certainly wasn’t going to. And we weren’t the first ones there (which was also part of the reason we had to not be there exactly at 1) so there was no reason for the pointless squabbling that occurred. Whatever. This is my life. I don’t understand it.
We stayed for the whole 3 hours of the party. My aunt had it catered and ordered twice as much of everything as was needed, so food was being forced on us. Which I really don’t have a problem with lol. My grandma arrived and took two steps through the gate, sat at the first table she came to, and never moved. My grandpa walked around all over the place, but he’s almost completely deaf in both ears (he gets his hearing aids next week) so he was trying to stay out of the way and appear as though he was always in a conversation with one of the closer relatives so he didn’t have to try and understand anyone.

It was nice getting to see everyone. I couldn’t tell you who was there though. I knew who I was related to, but not how I was related to them, or what their names were. My grandma’s sisters were there and quizzed my sister and me on who they were. Thankfully my sister knew both of their names and ages which kept us out of trouble lol. It was clear who we’re related to though. We all look kind of related. At least in my eyes.

My youngest aunt brought over her fiancé, so we got to meet him. He’s British so it was kind of fun getting to talk to him. The British dialect, not just the accent, is something I quite enjoy. He kind of made fun of how countryish my dad’s family’s city is. He used to live up north by us (my sister and I) and then he moved down with my aunt and he said he was acutally afraid going down there lol. He swears he heard a banjo playing somewhere.  It was kind of a secret who he was though. My grandparents are the only people who don’t know my aunts getting married, so my aunt and her fiancé had to kind of be careful what they were saying. Naturally her fiancé was talking all about the wedding and where it was going to be and who was invited and all that stuff.

Anyway, I’ve got homework due tomorrow that I’ve only barely started. Night!

Oh and SOB.

Oh and my aunts license plate had 888 in it, and my grandparents had 999 in theirs. I also saw 777 on the way home. Which made me laugh. I wonder why it is that I saw all three of the rarest of the Repeats, today. Hmm?

Glee Flash Mob 2011!

I woke up at 10 today, thinking the final rehearsal started at 1, and quickly realized I should probably check my phone. I did, found out the rehearsal actually started at 11, and was like, OH CRAP. I immediately texted R to say that I was NOT ready in any way and was worried that she might’ve thought it was at 1 also and when would she be here and omg and etc. But R and I have phone problems. My phone likes to withhold ALL of R’s texts from me, so I thought she wasn’t replying to me. I figured, well, going to the mob today just isn’t in the cards, and got online to check FB. Of course I had deleted my texts from the day before, so when I got the message “find your own car. BTW I’ll be there at 10” I assumed she meant I needed to find my own way to this rehearsal and that she would be at the rehearsal at 10. I was freaking out for a minute and then I was really decided that going to the mob wasn’t going to happen today. Then my mom came upstairs and said that if I wasn’t going to the mob today then I should get in the shower so we could all head out to my grandpas. I got in the shower, and while I was in there it struck me that maybe R meant she was going to be at my house at 10. I hurried up and got out of the shower, checked my phone and found a missed call from her along with 3 text messages. She was waiting outside!

I RUSHED threw my routine of getting ready, ran through the house shouting that I was going to be going to the mob after all, and managed to be out the door within half an hour. My mom thankfully had started on grilled cheese for breakfast (I asked for it last night before I went to bed) and I grabbed it before I ran out the door. R and I flew to the field where the rehearsal was taking place and were amazed to see over a thousand people there. It was AWSOME. We practiced for about an hour and a half, then we were counted and had to sign release forms to say our pictures could be posted online. Even though I’m 17, they weren’t asking for ID, so I signed for myself. I feel like I snuck into the military or something like all those war veterans you hear about from like WWI you know? Anyway, we got our directions for the three locations and drove off to get there.

The first location was literally right underneath the Space Needle. Seeing over a thousand (the final count is somewhere between 1100-1200 but they aren’t positive about how many people were there because some people left before being counted) people standing around like that was pretty awesome. One woman was walking her dog through the crowd and kept asking people if they knew what was going on. Everyone she talked to lied and said they didn’t know, because it was supposed to be a surprise. We all gathered around the first bunch of dancers (I’ll post the official video once they’ve got it up) to watch them, and then our music came on and we all burst into dance. It was hilarious because there were other people who weren’t part of the routine just stuck in the middle of our awesomeness. They did get annoying though because they were right in the middle of things and it kind of ruined it because there’s a few parts where we all drop down and they were just standing there like soar thumbs. I feel like I would’ve fled the scene if that was me.

I think the first performance was my favorite. The second was too small of a space and I felt like we were a lot more conspicuous there. And there was less room to dance. They got a gaga drag queen to be a guest performer, and he had his own cat walk set up in the middle of the routine just for him. He looked COMPLETELY different before his transformation. It was amazing to see. And I don’t know where he hid certain things in what he was wearing because it was basically a one piece swim suit and there’s no extra room where it matters for certain things…

The third was definitely my least favorite because we were in the middle of a small street and there wasn’t enough room really. I sent out a forward of the three locations to my pottery group, H, and M, as well as my mom and sister after the first performance. My mom and sister made came to the third location about… 2 minutes after if finished. The first two performances started at ten past the hour, so I expected the last one to be the same way. I guess the third one only started a couple minutes early… Oh well. It’ll be online and then I can show you how awesome it was! Amber, if you can find me in the mob, I will be seriously impressed. I’m wearing a grey jacket, lol.

I didn’t realize the actual performances were today and so I wore my grungier jacket. I would’ve dressed differently if I had known we would be performing today. 😦

I will say this though. Today was the funest day I’ve had in years and I’ll definately be doing this again next year.


Today was fun. I woke up and realized I had rehearsal today and kind of panicked. I was looking forward to spending the day home relaxing. But I still had a huge amount of fun. R came and got me at 11:30 and we went to the thing half an hour early with starbucks in hand. The doors were locked and weren’t opened until 10 minutes after the official start of the rehearsal because one of the choreographers was late or something. I dunno. We were in a smaller space today, with no windows, so it was pretty much twice as hot as Thursday. Which sucked, but it was still fun. About have way through my brain shut off and it still really hasn’t turned back on. I forgot everything I learned and was a complete mess. Afterwards we went to Kidd Valley for lunch. I’ve felt like I’ve been starving all week and going for a double cheese burger with fries and a shake was amazing. We hung out for a total of four hours today, which was awesome. I feel bad though because I reach a certain point in my social time where I become pretty much done with life, and I get really quiet and spacey lol. Which is made 10 times worse by eating.

She took me home around 4 and I felt like going straight to bed. My sister started Hot Tub Time Machine and a dog jumped into my lap, so getting up to go to bed was difficult. It was pretty much the stupidest movie ever though, so once Kira was off of me I went straight up to bed to nap for a couple hours. I woke up still full which was awesome. And then for dinner my mom made raveolies and salad and clams. She went to Costco. Lol. It was pretty awesome. Despite “not being hungry” I still managed to eat my fair share. The only downside to this is that tomorrow I’m going to be ravenous. Going to bed with an overly full stomach is the worst thing I can do. Because I wake up feeling twice as empty as usual and my stomach growls like crazy. The good news is I’m driving tomorrow so I can come home and eat everything. I really hate being a boy sometimes. I shouldn’t need to eat this much! It makes sense evolutionary wise though. I’ve come up with a new theory. Guys are lazy. But when they’re hungry, they’re more likely to get up and do something for the persons they live with, like building shelter or whatever to get food stuffs. And thus males that were more proactive were allowed the chance to mate. A lot of good that’s done the world hasn’t it?

Anyway. I’m sleepy still. And I have to start college tomorrow too. So I’m going to bed.

Flash Mob First Rehearsal

Today for the most part was boring. Same old same old. I came home from school and managed to take a nap on the couch. I woke up and found Kira lying/ sitting next to me. It was probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen her do. I had the pillow next to/underneath me, and she was propped up against that, so that she was belly up. It was ADORABLE. Then I went out and looked around the yard and that was about all I did.

Until 6:30 that is. R came and got me around 6 ish, and then we raced over to Seattle. It was a blast. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. And certainly not while doing so much work. It was a two hour rehearsal. Guess what songs we’re dancing to? Teenage dream first. Then it Moves over to F U. And then we finish with Raise Your Glass. I was ok learning the steps, and managed not to ruin the dance horribly the first time we did it all the way through, but on the second time round I forgot eeeeverything. It was a train wreck. There’s a part where we all drop down before the next song comes on, and I forgot there was a second song, so I was just standing there like a deer in the headlights, sticking out like a giant among little people. I dropped down obviously, but yeah. Still managed to make a fool out of myself.

There’s also a part where we have to touch our heads with one hand, and then wave the other behind us. But I’m not coordinated enough to do that… so every time we had to do that my hand ended up on my knee. Yep. My knee. I’m amazing. I really liked the choreographers. They’re hilarious. The whole time they had a ton of energy and made learning the steps really fun. R and I will definitely be going back again. My mom and sister want to go next time, but I don’t really want them to. I refuse to tell them where it is. I know I’m being horribly selfish, but I don’t think I’ll be able to loosen up (since I am kind of wound a little tight most of the time) if they were there. I don’t know why, but I feel like I can only be silly in certain ways in front of them. And dancing isn’t one of them. Don’t ask me why! Just know I’m insane and that in order for me to have fun, they can’t be there. ok?

I’m tempted to post the link of the routine on here just so you can watch the awesomeness that is the dance.

Yep. I’m posting it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OvXwoylXso

The part at 52 is the thing I can’t do. And then 2:04 is the part where I was just standing straight up because I forgot we had another song after that. 😀

I handed in the inter-district transfer forms today. technically my sister and I are supposed to go to the other school on Thursday but because we’ve got the application process going, we don’t have to worry about it, supposedly. I dunno. It’s all rather stupid. We should know if we’re allowed to stay at our current school within the next 10 days.

Classes were dull today. I spent most of math designing my dream home. It’s going to be kind of large. I love secret passageways and hidden rooms, so it’s got to be big. Oh no! I forgot the library! I’ll have to make a note of that and design it tomorrow. Tee hee. History was only slightly more interesting. We got to learn the Charleston. Well, we learned the basics of it. But since it’s high school and there was no music, no one was interested in actually doing the dance. You have to be flamboyant and zealous when you do it. People did the steps for a few seconds and then stopped. Ugh. We looked over our project grades from last week. I told a little white lie by telling my teacher I’d done a part of the project I’d only attempted. He looked a little confused for a minute but gave me full credit for it anyway. The perks of being a “good” student. My grades going to be low in that class though because I only did a C project. And we already have an in class essay due tomorrow. Ugh. Sometimes I really don’t like that class. What’s worse is that I didn’t do much of any work for the project, so I don’t actually know too much about the 1920’s which is what the essay is on. I’m going to have to pull another two pages out of my hat tomorrow. Awesome.

Botany was really fun. I went home in between schools to eat, knit, and watch an episode of Ugly Betty. I meant to do my homework and sign up for the ACT, but somehow my priority list got lost… Anyway, in Botany today we talked about our field trip. Lol. Get it. Botany, the study of plants. FIELD trip. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Anyway, it turns out that we’ll be going to the arboretum in Bellevue, and then the other Botany class is going to tour the green houses in the UW. I was hyper almost immediately and babbled on and on about what I’d seen there to the girl who sits at my table for like ten minutes. I’m going to try and drag R along with me, if she responds to my text’s that is.

Class got out early, so I went to pottery early. Which was fun. The guy I sit next to has a slight crush on the girl he sits next to. Everyone at my table and the table next to me are girls, except for the guy obviously. We all just titter away about him. Most of the time he doesn’t have a clue what we’re saying. That girl though. A super random guy was hitting on her today. Never seen him before. I don’t know if she knew. We all just looked at each other and were like omg. And then another guy in class was extra nice to only her. I was just like, this girl is cluelessly working the room right now. She’s funny. Towards the end of class she kept looking over at me like, I need to leave now, because the guy who sits next to us was getting on her nerves. The four of us who are normally there left at the same time (even though it was an hour before class got out) and we all ended up talking out in the hall for a bit. Unfortunately for her she and the guy parked close to each other, so they had to walk alone. She looked at me like omg. I was like, ok, time to go now, because we were all standing there for a while. Lol. It’s a lovely little drama that makes pottery more interesting. They’re both really nice people though. I mean, it’s not like the guy is super weird or the girl is an oober slut.

I was home early, which meant I had time to nap. I don’t know why but I was really tired when I got home. I lay down on the floor upstairs with the dogs and fell asleep. Somehow I ended up on my bed. Unfortunately the pant legs of my jeans were wet from walking in the rain, so I was freezing. I went downstairs and had a nice warm cup of chicken and rice for dinner while sitting in front of the fire. We watch the newer Next Karate Kid and then all went to bed. Unfortunately Never Say Never is now stuck in my head. Urgh.