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When You’re Swamped And Still Bored

So, I’ve been in my new place for just over a month now. School is dreadfully boring. Theres way too much homework to do, and none of it is educational. We’ve got upwards of 6 chapters a week to read for work related to lectures, and then we have a whole other additional book to read (every two weeks) for group discussion. Class meets for 5 hours a day, with an hour break in the middle, Tuesday, and Thursday. Mondays we don’t have class, Wednesdays we only meet for 2 hours, and then Fridays are 6 hour days. And my teachers move at such a glacial pace that I ended up being about a week ahead in all the readings. I’ve stopped doing homework at home and started doing it during the lectures, because if you’ve done the reading then they aren’t covering any new material (or even improving on the material you’ve read).

Nothing about what they want from you is clear, and we literally have 15 minutes of announcements EVERY time we get together for class. So we’ll get together in the morning, go through whatever announcements, go through class, break for lunch, and then come back and have to go through another 15 minutes of announcements. And they print out eeeeeverything. The other day we got a handout showing a pie chart, but the chart had nothing labeled on it. So it was just a picture of a circle with different colored wedges on it, and the image was up on the projector anyway. Keep in mind my class has 68 people in it.

The other thing that really irks me about this program is that the teachers will talk about something and then immediately say “but we’ll cover that later, so don’t worry about it”. Um, no. If you’re going to bring it up as an important part of this discussion and say “this is something you need to know for later” then you need to teach it to me now. Oh and for the first group reading assignment that we had, I brought 9 pages of notes to class. NINE pages. The rest of the class brought 2 or 3 at most. I was so thorough that whenever anyone referenced the book all I had to do was look at my notes and I could tell them what page in the book they were referencing. That’s just how I read books for school! Any time theres something interesting or could be relevant to a lecture, I write down the page number and the quote. It was a little obnoxious. Someone called me an encyclopedia and told me they definitely needed to be friends with me this quarter, haha.

I’m so bored and ahead with things that I ended up getting a job. I decided to go back to Starbucks because I didn’t want to have to be trained elsewhere while trying to mange school. Its actually kind of funny how this all worked out. I walked into the store nearest my place and asked if they were hiring, and the barista there said they were, but that the manager wasn’t in. She took my name and phone number and encouraged me to apply immediately because they desperately needed someone. I applied that night and went in the next day to see if the manager was in. She wasn’t so I figured I would wait a few days and then go back. Well, on Tuesday I got a call from the manager of a starbucks in the mall, which is only a few minutes farther away, but the workload would be more than twice what I was expecting. I was a little annoyed that he had called me in the middle of my lunch since he had my hours of availability and I had clearly marked the time he was calling me during as busy. He wanted to set up an interview with me during the day, and suggested three different times that would work for him, all of which were during the middle of my class. He ended up suggesting an interview that night at 5, which was something I could manage. He wanted to do it at 4, but I have class until 4:30 on tuesday so that wouldn’t work.

Anyway, I go and do the interview with him and throughout the whole thing he made me feel completely incompetent. I worked at Starbucks for 6 months and was the partner trainer for the last month I worked there. He made me walk him through the process of making drinks and ringing in customers. I was like, ok, I’m a fully trained barista who can close a store in 20 minutes and was literally doing the work of three people at my old store; do not try to belittle me by telling me the way I do things is incorrect just because I’m not using the key vocab you want. He asked me about the volume of my store, and how many transactions we did an hour; which is information I wasn’t privy to at all. He also wanted me to promise to work black friday and christmas before he would really even consider hiring me. I agreed to it, mostly because I didn’t feel like I had an option, and he told me he would reach a decision by monday.

From there I drove straight over to the store closest to my house and as soon as I walked in the barista recognized me and the manager came out to interview me on the spot. I didn’t even have to say anything about anything, haha. She told me the reason she hadn’t called me to do an interview right away was because she wanted to call my manager about why I had quit and not just directly transferred down. I explained that I wasn’t sure what school would be like, since this program is supposed to be one of the most rigorous on campus, and didn’t want to risk working and going to school until I was confident I could handle it. She said she understood, and told me that my old manager had talked about what a great employee I had been, which was really nice to hear after having to defend myself to the idiot at the mall. I walked her through my availability hours (since she hadn’t even looked at my application) and asked about having a day or two off once a week so I could go see family, which she was totally open to. The guy at the mall wasn’t too interested in that, and that was super annoying since I only wanted to work 20 hours a week anyway. After about 10 minutes of talking the manager at the store nearest my place said she would love to hire me and took down my name and birthday so she could look me up faster. She said she would pretend she didn’t know she was stealing me away from the guy at the mall, and that she would start the hiring process that night so it would go through faster, haha.

That was all on tuesday, and I haven’t heard back from her yet. I’ll go in tomorrow after class to ask how things are going and to see if I need to do anything. I’m excited to start working again mostly because I have absolutely nothing else to be doing right now. I literally spent the whole of today just sitting in my room doing nothing. I didn’t even marathon any shows or anything. Days like this really irritate me because I don’t want to be sitting around doing nothing but I also don’t really have anything else to do. So I’m hoping this job fills up a bit of my time. 20 hours a week really isn’t that much. Depending on how it goes I might bump it up a little bit.

Anyway, this post is way too long now, so I’ll sign off for the night!

Second Post For The Day

I think I forgot to mention what I want to name the kitten that I WILL be getting (even though my grandpa hasn’t called to say anything). Seconds after pulling away from my aunts house on the way home last night the name Yinx popped into my head. It was honestly a little random, and I don’t know what possessed me to put those letters together, but Yinx is the name I have decided on. I think it’s a good name.

I rearranged my room again today. I was still feeling cramped so I rotated a few things around. The short bookshelf that was next to/underneath the TV next to the Ficus tree was moved out of the way to be replaced by my computer. The empty space my computer used to occupy was filled again by the cedar cabinet and also the chair and footstool that I want covered. The couch was then slid over to the right so that it was closer to my bed, and the short bookshelf slid neatly in the space between the couch and the tall bookshelf. There’s a lot more usable floor space this way and the “entrance” to my room isn’t so closed. Even though the steps leading up to my room has all my shoes on either side as well as a ceramic heirloom and the watering can, lol. This also means I can now actually watch the TV I have because I can see it now. Before I had to either sit on my bed to watch it or drag my computer chair out into the middle of my floor.

In other news, John is moving. He doesn’t want to drag all his furniture and things across the country with him, so he’s going to sell them to us for practically nothing. We’ll be getting his enormous plasma flat screen along with the stand it comes on, his practically brand new couch and a large throw rug to match, and a few other odds and ends that aren’t so impressive or memorable (meaning I can’t remember what else, lol). My mom wants to leave his couch in the garage until we can get it covered because it’s leather. Our current couch is leather, but it’s seen half a dozen kittens/cats and four dogs so it’s a little damaged lol.

Did I mention that (I think it was) two days ago I bought several yards of the fabric I wanted to recover the chair? I was looking at it just now and didn’t think I’d mentioned it.

I’ve decided I need a cause. I’ve been feeling really (for lack of a better word) blah lately. I don’t CARE about anything at all anymore. It all seems so pointless. I mean, I still care about the dogs and my family, but I don’t care about anything else really. All the little issues and things that make up decent conversation seem soooo pointless. I realized I need something to care about and bring me back into the flow of life. I’ve managed to lodge myself somewhere along it’s bank and watch it all rush by, not caring about any of it. Dislodging myself and hurtling back into the rushing waters of reality will be difficult, but what’s even more difficult still is finding a reason strong enough to do it. I know I SHOULD do it, but I don’t have enough motivation. I need a reason to live. I don’t know what to do.

However, I’ve got a project, an essay and three days of homework that all need to be started and finished still, so I’ve got to go.

Great, Now I’ve Got Nothing To Say

You know, most of my day I spend whishing that nothing would happen. That I could just through the day without being harassed and have a day of peace. Then I finally get one and I’m annoyed because I don’t have anything to write about. Go figure lol. My day seemed to pass by in a slow mess of color. I seemed to be conscious of every second but not of what was happening. There was nothing of note today, except perhaps the idiots in English I’ll be stuck with until we can finish Lord of the Flies. But even that was not worth mentioning. I decided to write and article about National Writing Month (October) in Journalism. My cousin completed her 50,000 words two hours before the deadline which is the most she’s ever written. Thus I was inspired to talk about everyone who took on such a feat. I suppose I could talk about Buttercup, who’s become a little jealous whenever I’m playing with another dog. Yesterday I laid down on the floor with all of them (this is the only way you can greet the dogs and not have your jean shredded) and Buttercup was laying on my chest. Then Sam came over to lick my face and Butter was not happy about that. She stiffened up like she does before she’s about to defend one of her chew bones and then started “grinning” at Sam. Then she growled and tried to bite him. It was sooo cute and funny at the same time. I had to pull her away from him so she’d stop and even then she’d just bite him as soon as I’d let her go. Let’s see… what else… our house is a mess because we’re moving in two weeks. The front room (which is the largest room in the house) is so full that you can hardly walk through it except to get to the door. The walls are getting barer as the days progress, all of our pictures coming down for the move. Even though I’ve lived in three houses in my life I’ve never actually moved anything myself. The first time I moved, when my mom left my dad, we moved into such a small house that everything was moved in in less then a day. I was with my dad at the time I think so I don’t even have a memory of moving. I just suddenly lived at another house. And then about 4 years later, when we moved up here, my mom again moved everything while we were at our dads. So I have no idea what to expect about the move except that it will be chaos. I’m worried about my plants, some of them will snap if they’re shaken too much. But anyway, what are your moving experiences? Anything I should be worried of? We do have a piano to worry about. Plus three dogs and two cats to keep out of the way.


It’s BOB o’clock! My friend and I would always look forward to this time of day during school because during this time we were in boring math. We would watch the clock until it was finally 8:08 and then make sure we both knew it and then did a little dance in our seats hahaha. Our teacher still doesn’t know we did this and by the end of the year there were four of us watching the clock. Except one of us would always be spacing out way too much and not hear the other three of us shrieking at her in hushed tones lol. Ah well, I thought I’d just let you all in on the fun because I have no one to talk about it with hahaha.

Not Much…

I’m just sitting here, watching Bewitched, and wondering what to do with my day. John is still here and will be here all day, so I’m stuck having an extra person in my house. Now I’m not a social person, especially when your 30 years older than me and I’m at home. I did manage to sleep in to the marvelous hour of 10 today though. I was trying to give him some quite time because when I get up the dogs are really rambunctious for about half an hour. Plus as soon as I was out of the shower he went and got on the computer so I think he was glad I wasn’t up earlier. Oh did I mention that no one knows that I blog? So when people see me on the computer they think I’m playing games (which I try to make it look like I’m doing) and they think I’m a bum hahahaha. My sister ditched me again (big surprise there) and has spent the last two days with friends. What am I to do?

I’m Going To Fast Today

This is going to probably be the hardest thing I’ve had to do all summer. Absolutely no food all day, no pop, no juice, only water. I’ve made many attempts at this during the year, all failing terribly. Food is just such a wonderful thing I don’t know how people go all day without it! I’ve been up what 2 hours yet and already I’ve almost broken down about a dozen times. I’m going to have to rely on all of you to get through this today hahahaha. That and the comedy act that is my dog; she’s going at her bone again. We’re going to need to spay her soon because I’d rather she didn’t teach those kinds of things to our next puppy. Anyway back to the topic, I’ll be avoiding the food network and will change the channel immediately if a food commercial comes on. That said about four have come on in the past ten minutes. Today is going to be so interesting. I’ve got an appetite ruining horny dog (she’s been humping her toy for like 15 minutes now, she absolutely will not leave it alone; whether I deter her or not) and I’m practically starving. Alright I’m taking her bone, this is too much. She’s getting really mad at me for it hahahaha. Ok so do any of you know how to distract hunger, without eating, mind?