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Two months ago my mom was going to take me out to a “show” for my birthday. It snowed that night though, so we couldn’t leave the house. We drive a Prius, and that thing barely handles the rain. 8 of us were supposed to go total, and only 2 people besides my mom knew where the show was. The rest of us were certain it was a drag show, but my mom wouldn’t say until we were actually seated in the place. It was a drag show, haha. It was so much fun! I was extremely nervous when we got there, cause I’ve never been to aaaanything like that before. I’ve been to one real concert in my life and, while I had fun, I don’t care for loud music or large crowds. Adding to my distress, my mom and neighbor (who came with us) were telling me I was going to have to go on stage and talk to the queens because it was my birthday, and that was way too intimidating for me to handle. This was a dinner and a show type place, and I ordered a Caesar salad, the dressing of which is made with anchovy paste, which I forgot. I was eating it and it was making me feel worse, and it tasted really off to me. I mentioned it to my mom and she realized she had forgotten it was made with fish paste too. Fortunately that gave me an excuse to stop eating, because I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up.

I slowly loosened up over the next two hours, while we waited for the show to start. My neighbor and mom ordered jello shots from “Alex”, the very muscled man caring a platter of them around wearing nothing but a very tight pair of underwear. Did I mention they had him sit on their laps and took the jello shots out of his mouth? Cause they did. They also forced my friend Jordan and I to take a picture with him, and they made Jordan give him the money for the shots. And the rule for paying for shots is that he can’t take the money from you; you have to put it in his underwear. He looked completely bored having all of these drunken women fawning all over him all evening. I felt kind of bad for him. (And I know this will sound bad but) I didn’t find him all that attractive. Guys with muscles like that just aren’t that appealing to me, mostly because I look nothing like that I think, haha.

Anyway, eventually the show started, and it went for 2 hours. It was great! They had lady gaga, Celine Dion, Madonna, Adele, Barbara, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, J. Lo, and of course Cher. Celine and Cher were fantastic. Our host had their own character name, but also did Adele at some point in the show. There was lots of walking up and down through the audience, and there was a point in the show where the choreographer (we didn’t find out it was him until the end of the show) climbed up two pieces of cloth and was flipping around in them and hanging himself by his arms and legs in all sort of crazy positions. It was intense!

There were at least 4 different bachelorette parties there, which I thought was really weird. One of the girls got so drunk that she passed out in the middle of the show and fell into the isle. They had to stop everything to get her cleared out of the way.

It was a lot of fun though. I’m glad I forced myself out of my comfort zone and let myself have a good time. In situations like that I usually clam up and make things difficult for everyone, but tonight I tried really hard not to do that at all. I posed for the pictures and smiled when I was supposed to. I rolled my eyes a lot while the jello shot guy was around, mostly because my mom and neighbor were ogling him so much. That said, one of the male dancers was suuuper cute. He was a toned blonde guy who was one of the better dancers, in my opinion. I mentioned him to my neighbor and she pointed him out to my mom, and my mom thought with some eye liner and a hat he could look like the love interest from Burlesque. Only about 60 lbs lighter and with a smaller face.

Anyway, its 3 am and I need to sleep. Dinner was at 7:30 and the show started at 10 and ended just after midnight. My mom is talking about taking us all back again next year when my friend and I are both 21 so we can drink too. Oh! I almost forgot! My sister and her friend came, and there is a point early in the show when the hostess asks if anyone wants to go up on stage, so they both went up, and my sisters friend got picked to talk to the hostess! My sisters friend was actually my friend during freshmen year of high school, but we quickly grew apart as I realized jazz and liquor were not for me. Anyway, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and said she wanted to be a nurse, and she was complimented on her eyebrows, which she had painted on. She was also asked who she wanted to be if she could be anyone in the world, and she said she would like to be the hostess, lol.

Ok, now I really need to go to bed! I just wanted to write a quick post about the craziest night of my life. I’ve never done anything like that before, and literally all I did all night was sit next to the wall, farthest away from the isle, and smile all evening. I did sing along to several of the songs, and clap accordingly, but really I didn’t do anything crazy. My comfort zone is very very restricted, which is weird since I love watching RuPauls drag race.

Happy 17th To Me

Today was nice. R came and got me around 12:45 and then we went to the U district to look around. I don’t even know what we did there that took so long. She took me to the library though, which is literally the Great Hall from Harry Potter. It was the size of a cathedral with the same type of roof as in the movies, except it wasn’t magically matching the sky outside. We were supposed to eat there for super cheap, but nothing looked too good, and I was craving some hum bow, so we went over to Pike place market just after 4 ish. We got some hum bow (YUM) and then walked around. We got some crab puff things also, which were the best I’ve ever had, and then meandered around some more. I got to see the Gum Wall, which was about as exciting as it sounds. Just a long strip of wall covered in thousands of pieces of gum. There was a group of foreign people there taking pictures of it. It’s not surprising that I’ve never been to it. It’s down this weird alleyway I didn’t even know excited that goes below the main area. I was kind of tempted to see where it led to. Instead we went back up to the shops and looked at some custom hats. The guy who made them gave us some free pins because we liked his stuff so much. The hats were on sale for $35, but I only had $25 and I don’t really wear hats. And as good as his artwork was, it really just wasn’t my style. R was pretty close to buying one though.

By then it was getting dark, but there was a tea place on the walk back to the car that we had to go into to taste tea. The prices there ranged from $35 per pound of tea, to over $200. It was insane. They do free tea tasting everyday though, so we got to taste some stuff. There was a guy there who got about $30 worth of tea. He knew his stuff though. There was this one tea I was eying, called the White Phoenix, which he bought virtually right after I mentioned it. We asked him if it was good or not, and he said he did; it was sweet but not as sweet as a black tea because it’s a green tea. I’m not educated enough in the tea business to really know the complexities of what else he said. But I had one of those moment, which I’ve been having more often (or rather, am noticing more often), where I seem to know a certain thing in my life before it happens. I knew R and I would be friends. I knew Roy was the fish I was supposed to bring home with me. I knew I would be getting the White Phoenix tea.

I had a thought to myself before I tasted it, because I’m not really a tea fan. I thought, I’ve never really loved tea. But I’d love to have a tea that changed my life, because it was so complex yet simple that it was delicious. It was more of a sight thing, with a lot of wordless thoughts then something that’s easily written or followed. But I had this moment of blankness, which seemed to tell me I would be liking the tea I was about to be served. And I loved it. It’s really nothing special, but I love it. I can’t even explain it. I didn’t want to buy any, because I wouldn’t know how much to get or how to prepare it properly or what. But R, in her silly ways, bought me $10 worth. I don’t know what that is in ounces, but it’s more than enough for a good few cups of tea.

She took me home after that, and then we all (she, my mom and sister, J and I) went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant in South Center. It was nice. My mom and sister actually managed to surprise me with a gift. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything at all. They got me a new wireless mouse (which I don’t think I’ll be using because I couldn’t open it up) about a pound of various chocolates, and Super Smash Brothers for Wii. Meaning, my sister stole it from my dads. My sister was a poop though and took the game out. Now that I think about it I was really not thinking at all tonight. She asked me if it was in there, which it wasn’t, which made everyone laugh, and then she asked if I knew where it was, and I said I knew it was in one of the games at dads, totally serious, and then she said it was at home. I just laughed not even fully taking in that she had planed and successfully managed to dupe me.

We all came back home, and then R and I had a dance battle I won and managed to beat my sister’s high score on the Rasputin song that I like. Then we watched an episode of The Office and R went home. I made myself some tea with the awesome smelling delicious White Phoenix that she got me, and sat down with my mom and sister to watch more of the office. The tea was really good and calmed me down a lot. I felt very peaceful. Even though green tea’s are supposed to have caffeine in them. I think I might make some tea when I get home tomorrow and meditate. I’ve been meaning to (and saying I would) do it for a long time now, but I think I really will tomorrow. I’ve got a huge project I need to be working on, but I think meditating is a little more important.

All in all today was pretty good.

Birthday Party #1

The difference between my father and I? He speeds up and swerves to hit a rabbit crossing the street. I slam on my breaks and swerve to avoid hitting a rabbit crossing the street.

We went out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, down by Fort Lewis and that area. It’s a little bit of a drive but it’s worth it. They have the best salads ever. Everyone came for dinner, including my older cousins girlfriend. They’ve been dating for five years now, so I guess it’s ok for her to be brought around. People in our family are only allowed to bring their significant others to large family gatherings unless they’re about to propose. I’ve never really talked to her but she seems nice enough. They’re high school sweethearts though, so that’s sweet. There were a few people who couldn’t make it, including my two oldest cousins and the oldest one’s husband. They all had to work. My grandparents sat in their usual place across from each other at the head of the table, with my oldest uncles next to them and his wife across from him. Then my oldest aunt next to my uncle, my dad across from her, then me because it was my birthday party, and then my youngest aunt across from me. After that the younger people can sit wherever they want. My cousin, who’s 6 months older than me, sat next to me, with my sister on her other side, then one of my older cousins, who never really talks to anyone, then my cousin and his girlfriend. It was an oddly quiet gathering. Everyone was still talking and laughing and what not, it just wasn’t as energetic as it’s been in the past.

On the way home, not even a block away from out driveway, a rabbit ran out in front of the car. My dad saw it and sped up and swerved into the other lane in an attempt to run it over. Thankfully it was far enough away that it crossed the street safely. It was just like, really? I’m related to this?

We watched Despicable Me while we waited for our mom to come and get us. Oh! And my dad has a bunch of glass Coca-Cola bottles from Costco, so I had one and then saved the bottle and the cap and brought it home with me. I love glass things. And a bottle cap necklace sounds fun. My sister immediately called me a hoarder. Oh well. I also brought left over pizza and half a cheesecake home with me.

I missed the dogs.

Also, I saw 333 and 999 today.

Worlds Greatest Brother

I woke up this morning feeling very tired and unrested. I’d heard my mom leave already so I was surprised to hear music coming faintly from the far end of the house. I expected to my sister to be gone also, since she was going to get her hair done today and (I thought she) should’ve left by then. I went down to ask her why she hadn’t left yet. Before I could ask though she said “look how many people have already told me happy birthday (she was looking at her laptop) to which I responded “it’s your birthday?” She wasn’t too happy about that lol, replying yes and several other choice words. “Oh, it’s the 14th already?” I continued, ignoring the remarks she’d made. My sister’s birthday is the 13th, lol. That certainly made my morning.

Later in the morning drama with J arose. My sister forgot to invite her formally apparently, which J teased her about, and acted as though she wanted to make my sister feel guilty. My sister took it seriously though, which pretty much put an end to J spending the day with us. It was all rather stupid, but whatever. I’m pretty sure my mom is done with J, and that from now on she’s never going to be more than a neighbor to her. My sister was really irritated also, but I’m pretty sure she’s still going to do house work for J to help pay for whatever it is she buys.

My sister left to do her hair, and I spent most of the day alone. I read a little bit, though not as much as I should’ve, and farmed. I also made myself lunch, but it was nothing spectacular. I’m now on page 413 of book 5 (Harry just won the first Quiditch game of the year, and the Syltherins were all singing ‘Weasely is our king…’).

My sister invited numerous people over for a party tonight, but only four people showed up. T, who’s been my sisters friend for a very long time now, as well as C who has also been a long time friend, C’s idiot of a boy friend J (he’s a foot ball player; big surprise), and a fairly recent addition to the group: S. The teens pretty much stayed to themselves until after dinner when they all wanted to play Spoons. I went downstairs to join them, though why I don’t know. It was fun for a little bit, but then C’s boyfriend started getting out of hand. We were playing with plastic spoons to protect our metal ones, and one of them broke. We decided to keep using it not thinking it was too bad just yet. However, in the scramble for a spoon C’s bf J managed to cut S with that spoon, and made her bleed. She jokingly tried to wipe the blood on him, which made him freak out, grab her arm and twist it, and then cut her on her arm. It was like ok seriously dude, you’re a psycho.

He was bossy and controlling throughout the entire evening, and needed to give instructions about everything. I became more and more annoyed with him as the night grew on, and as I became more agitated so did my tongue. I don’t remember what snide remarks or comments or anything else I said to him were, but eventually I had to stop due to a menacing look from my mom. Despite weighing much more than me, and probably more than capable of beating me up, J was unable to come up with any response to any of the things I said, and didn’t once try and cross me. If he had I probably would’ve kicked him out of the house without a second thought. I came seriously close to doing it several times anyway. At one point I got up and left the table for a bit, why I don’t remember, but I came back and he had moved my chair. He half heartedly tried to keep it from me, but I simply pointed at where my seat had been, looked at him quickly, and he put the seat back without a word. I was in no mood to be played with, especially not by him, and I don’t play those games anyway.

At one point, after everyone had nearly empty cups of water, he decided to hawk a disgusting amount of phlegm into his cup. It was absolutely repulsing. He did it again, and then took my sisters cup *pauses to gag* (sorry, it’s truly disgusting) and begins mixing the contents between the two. My sister about came unglued. She did eventually come over the table at him at one point, though for what I don’t remember. No one was too happy with him really. After he and C left (I had to go upstairs to keep myself from screaming at him) my sister began complaining loudly about him. I went back down stairs and added a bit more than two cents to the conversation. I asked if I was too mean, and mentioned that I really didn’t even remember what all I’d said to him, and T and my sister both said that they’d caught me “mean mugging” (a form of glaring) at him several times. Which I admitted to doing, lol. I looked at him several times because some of the things he said or did were just like WTF. Everyone felt what I had said was funny though. lol.

My sister was really upset with him because he was being so disrespectful, and apparently he disrespected my mom at one point. Hahahahaha, my mom handled that REAL quick. I just can’t believe that his girlfriend C didn’t do anything. I’ve said this multiple times tonight, but if he was my boyfriend, I would’ve check him about 20 times tonight. He was way out of control. He did try and say a few things to me when I made remarks about him, but I wouldn’t respond because I knew it wouldn’t’ve been pretty, and just looked at my cards with an expression on my face that shut him up pretty quickly. It was weird that I was able to have so much control over him. Football players aren’t usually intimidated by me, lol. Although, I don’t know that I’ve ever been mad at a football player like that before… hmmm…

Anyway, just thought I’d mention my sister is now 15. And surprisingly, she is more mature than the other people age.

It’s my sweet sixteenth birthday today! Get out the streamers, break out the boo’s, lets have some fun! Hahaha yea right. Know what I did today?  I drove for over an hour to get to my Papa’s lake property.

Isn’t the view wonderful? Yea but once I got there; my dad decided that he wanted to mow the lawn. Then since my sister and I weren’t doing anything, he decided I needed to edge the lawn by hand. So he gave me a pair of freaking scissors and I had to go around the edge of the grass, on my hands and knee’s, and trim every freaking little blade that stuck out of line. The first thing that popped into my head was “where’s Edward scissor hands when you need him? I really need to get that boys number.” About five minutes later I was thinking “This guy (my dad) have better have gotten me a fucking car because this is some bullshit.”

So then I had to drive the hour back home. It’s official, I’m perfectly able to drive in a straight line!

Aren’t you all so proud? *waits patiently for applause* yes, yes, thank you. Anyway, after that we came home. We finally pull into the driveway and my dad gets out of his big bulky truck (which I can’t stand driving) and say’s to me “Alright tomorrow you’re going to detail my truck. You’re going to clean the entire inside. If we hadn’t taken it to the car wash yesterday, I’d make you wash it. If you’re going to have a car I want you to know how to take care of it. Having a car is a big responsibility.” I just looked at my sister like “what the fuck.”

My sister thought he was going to give me his truck when he started talking but that didn’t happen. Once we were inside I just sat around thinking of ways my dad could pull off getting a car to the restaurant without my noticing. The place is called Sakura’s. We’ve been going there for years and I absolutely love it. I found out tonight that you actually get TWO soups and TWO rice bowls as part of your dinner. They give you one to start out with, but you can ask for the second free of charge. *winks* but you didn’t hear that from me.

My cousin and her fiancé arrived late so I wondered if one of them hadn’t brought my present over, since supposedly I’m only getting one from my dad. They hadn’t though. Oh and FYI, Sakura’s serves A LOT of food. So you’re literally eating from the minute they give you the appetizer soup, till you pay the check. I just kept looking over at them (while gorging myself) wondering if they would give me some type of tip off about a present for me. They didn’t. Dinner finished and I somehow managed to waddle out the double doors, stuffed fuller than the turkey on Thanksgiving. It’s weird that I use that metaphor (because it’s really odd) and because my family doesn’t stuff the turkey lol.

I go outside and everyone get’s in their cars and we all leave. I had to drive home, which meant that I had been on the road all day. I drove home in the rain, mostly in silence. Didn’t my birthday sound fun?!

Oh and I saw this bus in Seattle yesterday.

Notice anything special about it?

Last Day As 15

Seattle is one of the few places you can go to where you can be dressed in ugly plaid, have frizzy bed head, have on high-water jeans that show way too much ankle, and still look normal. My mom calls this house at 10:30 this morning (oh I stayed home for no reason today FYI) and that wakes me up because that blue phone is loud and right next to my head.

She had invited me out to lunch with her and my aunt yesterday, and was informing me that my cousin was also coming too. My cousin and I are very similar when it comes to getting out of the house so if one of us is going somewhere then the other usually has to too. She asked if I still wanted to go and that if I did I had to be ready in 10 minutes. I decided to go. My jeans were all in the wash though and the only pair of pants I had available were a pair of old jeans that are about an inch and a half too short. My jackets were also in the wash so I through on the plaid one I wore while cutting down the apple tree. I ran into the bathroom and wetted down my hair, in the hopes of getting it under control. I even had time to shave!

My mom arrived seconds after I had opened the blinds in my room and then we were off to Seattle for some authentic Italian sandwiches. They were very good; we ate at a little whole in the wall but I can’t remember the name of it. If it helps, there’s always a line of people out onto the street before noon.

We got home at 1:30 and I had told my dad I would be at his house by 2. He’s a little over 45 minutes away so I was running a little late. I through all of my stuff together and grabbed my coats and jeans (the coats were still wet even though it had all been through the dryer) and ran out the door. I drove for little under an hour and a half today and I have to say, I really hate driving. It’s just so tedious and it’s not fun at all. So I finally get down to my dads and my sister’s not even home yet. She couldn’t even be home to greet me; sounds just like my sister alright.

So my dad made me get into his pickup (which is A LOT bigger than a prius) and made me drive over to get her. But not before he called the DMV to make sure it was ok. I wasn’t sure that I could drive with her in the car so he wanted to make sure I could. Just another piece of evidence proving he got me a car, though I’m not completely sure.

I go and grab my sister and then run over to my grandparent’s house to say hello and then we go to the car wash. I made my dad drive up into it because I had a feeling I’d have trouble with it.

After that we came home and sat around all night. Pretty uneventful. It’s my last day at age fifteen, and it wasn’t all that exciting. One more minute to go before it’s the start of tomorrow… I suppose that doesn’t matter anyway though, I’m not 16 till sometime in the afternoon anyway. We’re going to a Mongolian Grill style restaurant (only a lot better) for dinner tomorrow. My whole family is going to be there so I’ll be writing about it for sure.

Ok I’m going to sleep now, I’m so tired I almost didn’t even write this thing.