Im so excited. Tonight is the first night the chicks are going to spend out in the coop. There are a few last little details that need to be done on the coop (mostly aesthetics) but it’s officially livable and I’m thrilled. My sister and I spent the last few days fully encasing the run in wire, and I did the majority of the hardware for the doors yesterday. Today was just finishing the floor and moving the chickens out. They’re still small enough to squeeze through the wire I used (I chose a wider gauge because I’m using it as a trellis) so they’ll stay inside for a few more days while I add a few inches of chicken wire around the bottom of the coop and they get used to their new home.

I can’t remember if I’ve listed their names before, but I’ll take pictures of everyone and post it sometime soon! They’re already so big!

The dogs are very excited to have the chicks outside where they can easily eat them. I’m very sure I’ll lose at least one chicken to the dogs before the year is up. Someone will certainly get their tail feathers ruffled at any rate. But that’s part of why I got so many the first time around. I’m expecting to lose at least one, if not two. I’m still worried about the coop size, but I’m hoping everything will math out correctly and they’ll be ok. We’ll see!