Some quick updates for everyone! Firstly, I quit my job about a month ago. I was tired of fighting my company at every turn, and was asked to open a second store but still not given the manager status I deserved. After working as a manager for over a year with only the title and pay of lead, I said enough was enough and quit without having another job lined up. My exit interview was 2 hours long because I had 8 pages of notes I wanted to go over, hahaha. I have a new job working a couple days a week at a terrarium store and it’s been fun. I have lots of free time now too, haha.

On a much more pleasurable note, I finally got chickens!! From left to right we have: Bianca, silver laced wyandotte, Pearl, Delaware chick, Ornacia, also silver laced wyandotte, Venus, golden laced Wyandotte, Serena, golden laced wyandotte (I named these two after sailor scouts, not the tennis players). The brown chick behind Serena is Courtney, and she’s a Brahma chick. Then we have the two oldest, Jinx and Legs, which are both barred rock chicks.



I had planned on naming everyone after drag queens but my sister wanted to name a chicken and she decided “Legs” was a good idea. And then I got Serena and Venus and Serena has two little golden tuffs on the sides of her head that make her look very Sail Moon esq. Venus has a very golden face and since I got her the same day as Serena, and they’re the same breed, it made sense to keep her in the Sailor Scout family. I’m still working on the coop but here’s what it looks like today!

I just have to finish painting and then put the trim on and finish the sliding coop door and it will be ready for chickens!