This year seems to have flown by. I work way too much and haven’t properly experienced any of it. I work 6 day weeks for the last 5 weeks, and I’m officially done doing that. It’s too stressful and there’s no pay off to it. Our team has been pushed into another department, again, so we have a new manager again. Making him the 4th manager this year. The other two leads and I all but rolled our eyes when we heard the news. There were many apologies for the current status of our stores, many promises for change. Things we’d all heard before but never brought into reality.

In much more exciting news I have decided to send my mom on a vacation. This last year has been very hard for her with her dad dying and her sisters turning against her over his estate. He didn’t leave a will but he had a wife, so everything has been very up in the air. The laws in Washington very obviously say that his widow gets everything because there wasn’t a will, but my moms sisters are contesting that at every turn. It’s been a very big big of hoopla. My mom has been very upset for a very long time. So, we surprised her last night with tickets to Hawaii! She and my sister are going to Kawai for a week. I don’t like traveling or heat, so I’m staying home with the dogs. My mom has been talking about putting a mortgage on the house and taking me and my sister to England for 2 weeks. Obviously I think that would be a very foolish idea, since she can barely afford our current circumstances, but my hope is this little vacation will help her depression a little.

When I told my sister about it naturally she wanted to go as well, so I’m sending both of them this Thursday. They’ll be gone a whole week, and to celebrate I’m also taking the week off, haha. I’ve got so much to do around the house and I never have time to do it. Plus Pride is this coming weekend, with the parade happening on Sunday. I’ve never been to the parade so this year I really wanna go. I also would really enjoy going in drag but I don’t have any makeup and have spent way too much money this year. I think I’ll just do some fun eye makeup and go in boy clothes. Everything is so expensive!