I know its been a while so I’ll try to keep all my updates relatively short.

Firstly! I got a second job!. This one is at a recycling company, and its a retail position. The company has made three store fronts where you can buy products made with recycled materials, or products that are designed to have extended lives and which can be recycled. Customers can also bring in things like old computers, styrofoam, and batteries for recycling. It’s a very reduced pace from starbucks, and once I know what I’m doing (today will be my 6th day at work), I think I will be fine. They gave me keys to the place on my 1st day, and on my 4th day they had me open and close the store by myself. Stressful, to say the least. I love the woman that I work with (she’s actually the mom of a girl I was friends with in college), but she’s extremely scatter brained so my training has been greatly spread out and reduced. I honestly don’t know how to do anything; I can’t believe they left me completely alone in the store on Monday.

In other news my starbucks career is slowly coming to a close. I’ve decided to work there 2 days a week, just to get my work week up to 30 hours. My new job pays 13.25, essentially 30% more than the 10.04 I make at starbucks. As of right now I’m not quitting starbucks but that’s mostly because I’m not sure if my new job could give me more hours. The woman I work with closely at my new job says that there are definitely more hours available for me, but I haven’t heard anything from my manager yet. I would rather work a 9 hour day at my new job, than a 4 hour day at starbucks. I plan on essentially using my starbucks pay to survive on every month, and then everything else I make will go straight into savings.

I dog sat for a friend last weekend and she lives on a large piece of property only 11 minutes away. It would be absolutely perfect for building a tiny house on, so I asked her about it. Her husband is thinking about it, but so far it sounds like he’s leaning towards yes. Building could begin as soon as next year, so I need to come up with about $10,000 before next spring. He thinks I will be able to get it completely closed in and moveable by the end of the summer, at which point I would need to move it off their property. They’re going to be building a second house to rent out, so the coming and goings of materials and the loud noise of power tools will blend right in. I will have to call the city to ask if it’s really going to be ok, but I don’t think it should be a problem.

Also! This summer was the summer of projects. So far I have completely set up the sprinkler system for my garden, so everything has been getting watered this summer. I cut the pieces for 4 bat houses and am waiting for my mom to paint them. I want a fun design on all of them, but I should’ve known better than to ask her to do something like that. I haven’t seen her finish a project like that in 15 years. If she takes too much longer I think I will just paint them all black myself and put them up. I also have done a lot of hive part construction this year, making 4 hive bodies with windows and half frames for 4 warre boxes. Oh, and I made 3 internal hive feeders! I forgot about those. My last project (probably) of the summer is a pathway connecting the patio to the stairway into the garden. Essentially what I’m going to do is build a picture frame out of some pieces of 2x4s and then lay it on the ground and pour concrete in it. The stepping stones made will look like pictures in a frame, and the empty spaces left by the 2x4s will be filled with compost and planted with some sort of creeping ground cover. It should help reduce the amount of dirt the dogs bring into the house, and make using a wheel barrow easier.

Next year I plan on being the year of the tree. I want to bring in at least 4 fruit trees (apple and plum for sure, and I haven’t decided on anything else). I also want at least 3 native trees for wildlife. I haven’t quite decided on those, but I want at least one of them to be an Oak tree. I went to the pickering barn (the place I interned two years ago) on Monday on my lunch break (my second job is just minutes away) and I’d forgotten how much I really love having trees around me all the time. I never seem to truly remember until I’m somewhere where the sky is all but completely blocked out by trees. I’m also planning on ripping up about a third of my lawn and making it raised beds. I’ve spent a few hours researching all of the plants I want to grow next year and I won’t have room for all of them in my current garden. There’s no reason not to grow them when I have the space and infrastructure for it. That said, I won’t add any more raised beds if my friends do end up letting my build the tiny house. I won’t have any extra funding for projects other than the tiny house.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things here, but this post is already too long so its probably for the best. Until next time!