My sisters dog is notorious for peeing on things, with his favorite spot being the center of my bed. He peed on it very recently and then again a couple days ago before I’d even got the clean sheets back on it. Long story short, my bed was completely ruined. He managed to pee on my sheets, my pillow, and still leave a very very large puddle in the middle of the bed. I’ve also always been uncomfortable with that mattress, finding it much too soft. So I decided to go to the complete opposite end of the fluff-spectrum and get a very firm bed. There is an organic mattress/futon place in Seattle, and my mom has bought all of her beds there for the last 30 years. I went and bought a shikibuton there, which is the traditional Japanese mattress. Its only about 5 inches thick and requires tatami mats (mats made of woven reeds that smell wonderfully like green tea and grass) to be underneath it for support. Its an exceptionally firm mattress and I can fall asleep almost instantly on it. I’ve only had it for a few days, but I’ve gotten more rest in these last few nights than I ever did with my old bed.

When I went to Japan when I was 13 I slept on one of these and found it very comfortable. I also slept with a pillow made of wheat, and thankfully this mattress store had buckwheat husk pillows. I bought a small one, because I really only use a pillow if I’m sleeping on my side, and its been very nice. It shapes perfectly to where you need support, and if you like laying on your stomach its great because one side is made of organic latex.

This set certainly wasn’t cheap though. Along with the shikibuton, the tatami mats, and the pillow, I also bought a mattress cover made of organic wool. The bed itself is made out of organic wool and covered in organic cotton. If I had only bought the shikibuton it would’ve been cheaper than a regular mattress, but with everything else I spent about $1,600. For the amount of rest I’ve been getting from it already though, it was definitely worth it. I only slept 3.5 hours the night before last and I ended up staying awake from 3:30am until 9PM. At which point I promptly fell asleep and slept for 13.5 hours, lol.

I definitely feel reenergized ever morning though, and I feel really awake and ready to start my day every morning. Finding a mattress that works for you is important!