I never seem to have the energy to post anymore, which is kind of unfortunate. This last month I switched out of my old starbucks and into a brand new one. I got to help open the doors, that’s how new it was! My old store was too toxic for me to remain at. This woman there bullied everyone and I finally decided I’d had enough, because my boss refused to do anything about it. It was extremely stressful and I hated working there. My new store is so much fun though! Everyone is friendly, polite, energetic. And our store is a drive through so we have moments where there are 11 of us on the floor. At my old store the most you could ever hope for was 5, and we never had enough to do. This store never allows you to stand still for more than a few seconds. Its always busy. We’re still so new that people keep moving things around though, and that’s kind of frustrating. Nothing is ever where it was a second ago. Everyone there is such a comedian that it doesn’t even matter in all honesty. I have fun every day and I’m always laughing.

That said I’m still discontented with where I’m at in life. I need to find a higher paying job so I can build my tiny house. I would love to go on a road trip once I have enough saved up, and just go adventure around for a bit. But that probably won’t be for several years, and by that point I’m sure I won’t even want to do it anymore. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but making $700 a month is not working for me. If I could find a $40,000 a year job I would be perfectly fine. My tiny house won’t cost me very much to maintain, and I plan on having it be fully self sustaining so that they only thing I really have to do is buy myself food, and water if I’m on the road. My monthly expenses will be insurance for the truck to haul it around, the house its self, my phone and internet bill (which I’m sure will be substantially since I’ll never be wired for it), health insurance, and that’s about it. I’ll have to pay for food obviously, but I would love for the truck I get to be biodiesel so I can just make my gas from vegetable oil while I’m traveling. It’s all very good in theory of course.

Anyway, I’m off work today so I was hoping to go do something fun. I think I’ll go to a nearby national park and take the dogs for a walk. Or I could go to Seattle and buy myself some rings… Meh, a day in the sun sounds like more fun.