Yesterday was my first day at my new job. I had training for 4 and a half hours, and was disappointed to find that I had nothing to learn. The instructor/my boss mentioned several times throughout the day that if anyone had any questions while they were out tabling they should ask me because I know a lot about it. It was nice to be recognized for my expertise in a setting like that.

We spent the day learning how to interact with the public and how to setup the table/booth. Because we’re representing King County we aren’t allowed to discuss politics or encourage people to vote for or against certain initiatives. I understand the reasoning behind that, but I still find it stupid. And I was also extremely irritated to find that all that I missed during the last training was recycling information. They didn’t talk about composting virtually at all. So even though everyone has been trained as “master composted-recyclers” no one actually knows anything about composting. Worm bins and hot compost bins were barely discussed. I actually handed out materials from the MRC east program that I had with me because all of the volunteers at the training were interested in composting, they just hadn’t been taught about it. Its absurd to me that you can call yourself the master of anything after only two days of training. I told everyone (as I was talking to them individually) that if they were really interested in composting and learning about how to do things on their own they should take the MRC east program because it’s an 8 week course and you actually learn things.

At the end of the day we had to go around the room and talk about something that we learned. I went first and I apologized because I genuinely hadn’t learned anything. I rambled for a second before I pretended like I remembered something I had actually learned that day. I guess its nice that I’m overqualified for this job, but its kind of a shame I won’t be learning much. At any rate I got paid to sit and do nothing for almost 5 hours on Saturday.