I got the job! I’m officially a Master Recycler Composter Outreach Educator. I called for the interview just after 11 today, but no one answered so I left a message. I got a call back within 10 minutes and we quickly began the interview process. She asked me three questions, I only remember two of them, and the entire conversation lasted literally 5 minutes. She wanted to know if I could work evenings and weekends, which I can, and she wanted to know if I had a car, which I do. I have to say, a five minute interview to be offered a job feels pretty good. The requirements for the position were well beyond the questions she asked of course, but those were the only two requirements that weren’t covered on my resume.

She let me know a few things at the end of the interview. The job would require me driving up to Bothell (its north of Seattle, and would require me to drive 30 minutes out of my way) whenever I had to go to an outreach event to pick up supplies. However, I would ‘clock in’ in Bothell, and they would cover my gas expenses starting from there. She also let me know that the training for this position has actually already started, and that I missed a training event last saturday. There are two more, one this coming saturday and one the saturday next week. I should be receiving an email from the coordinator explaining everything I need to do, and he’ll also let me know where I need to go for the training.

I’m really excited I get to be doing this! The position won’t start until June, but I’m perfectly alright with that. And it goes until the end of September, which is perfect since I’ll be leaving for school then!