Today at work I received a phone call from one of my Garden Coordinator’s coworkers. She wanted to interview me for an article she was writing about the Master Recycler Composter – east side program I took last year. I’ve only donated about 35 hours of volunteer time to the program but she wanted to ask me a few questions anyway. I talked with her for the majority of my lunch and also asked about a position that I heard had opened up in the organization. It’s essentially the volunteer coordinator for the sister program of MRC-east side. I figured that if there was any time to talk about getting a job with this organization it would be while I’m being interviewed for an article on a similar program.

I just finished updating my resume and sent it off to the appropriate person. I hope I get it! It would be a nice pay increase and I would actually get to be doing what I want.

In other news I may have convinced my cousin to move down to Olympia with me for college. I don’t want to live on campus, so if I can find a roommate then I can get cheaper rent outside of school and live off campus. That way I can bring my dogs with me. Its so boring not having pets. Whenever I go over to other peoples homes and they don’t have animals running around I don’t know what to do. My mom and I are going down on wednesday to look at apartments and talk to the schools advising office. Wish me luck!