I’m a little overwhelmed with work. I hate not knowing how to do things that are required of me, and I’m really frustrated that its taking me so long to learn. There are so many drinks to remember and I get really flustered at work because I feel like I’m drowning in all of the information. I go into a kind of ‘absorb mode’, so if anyone asks me anything I sound completely stupid because I can’t remember it. I can tell you how to make a latte when I’m at home, but ask me at work and you can forget it. I’ve only been told once how many pumps of syrup go into each drink. And of course there are difference rules for macchiatos (i think?), which just completely throws me off. I wish I could take everything home with me so I could practice/learn in an environment where there isn’t a time crunch and a long line at all times. 

And I haaaaate how wasteful it all is. On Friday I got to help close, and on fridays the display cases are emptied because letting the food sit out over the weekend to get old is somehow bad? Virtually nothing can be given away because it all has the starbucks logo on it (?) so all of the food just gets thrown out. But because my manager is more relaxed than most she lets the employees take things home if they want. I took home everything that no one else wanted. Two garbage bags full. It was probably 40lbs of food. And it was all completely edible because its all wrapped individually. So I gave some away to my neighbors, to my sisters friends, and we’ve been eating through it over the weekend. I tried all the vegetarian options so that I can finally recommend things to people when they ask. All of the pastries were thrown into my worm bin today because there were just too many of them for us, and I’ve been slowly putting the sandwiches into the yard waste bin. I have a friend who works at a different store and she said there’s a goal of 7% pastry waste. This baffles me to no end. There’s actually a company wide goal to waste 7% of the products????? How does this make sense to annnnyyyyyone????? UGH.

Today I slept for 12 hours and finally had the energy to work outside. It was a decent temp out and wasn’t raining, so I didn’t want to waste the opportunity by staying inside. I took all of the worms out of my worm bin and placed them in a small plastic tub. I couldn’t believe how many worms there were. All of the uneaten food in the bin was moved to the back corner, and then I shoveled out as much dirt as I could. There’s a tree growing a few feet in front of the bin, as well as a very large rhododendron growing behind it and next to it. As a result there were a great deal of roots in the bottom of the bin where all the finished compost is. I had to use the shovel to chop through them, and then I shook them out and threw them on top of the food pile so the worms could eat them once I put them back. I filled a wheelbarrow and a half with all the finished compost I took out. It got spread out on one of the raised beds I made last year. The one that isn’t finished and has nothing growing in it because the fava beans I planted last year died over the winter. Once that was done I threw all of the pastries from work into the bin and then put the worms on top of those. The pastries shouldn’t take long to break down. I kind of feel like I’m gonna need to start eating more vegetables to feed all these worms. I can’t believe how many there are.

I went back inside once I finished that task, and it started raining again not long after. It rained nonstop for a few days, and there’s definitely a lot of flooding going on. My mom is really worried about sinkholes around the house. I can’t see that happening anywhere because we have so many plants next to the house that the roots should keep us safe from that. I’d really like to put in a rain garden somewhere, but the only place we really could put it would be right in the middle of the lawn. And that wouldn’t be ok with my mom I don’t think. We definitely need a greener garden though! We get more flowers every year but I still don’t feel like its enough. I don’t think I’ll be happy until the entire lawn is gone and the whole yard is completely packed with plants. And that won’t happen any time soon. The good news is that I did go plant shopping today! We got some mixed greens and kale for the garden, as well as a few random herbs that we’ll probably never use but will make the garden smell nicer and help distract pests. We also bought a bunch of different seeds but because its raining so much its too wet to plant them.

Ok i’m going to sign off now so I can finish my application to Evergreen and be on track to get a degree in environmental sciences. Making coffee for the rest of my life is absolutely not an option, and (I can’t believe I’m actually about to say this) I miss school.