I got the job at starbucks! I got a call on monday asking about a second interview on tuesday. The interview was really boring, and the person I interviewed with was exceedingly dull. His face never changed and he didn’t seem interested in anything I had to say. Towards the end of the interview he asked me something along the lines of “what makes a good shopping experience a great one?” and I responded that a smile and some charisma make a big difference. He didn’t give any indication that he recognized I was teasing him. I got a call on wednesday from the first manager I interviewed with first to say that the second manager thought I was “awesome” and that they (the first manager) would love to hire me. So I’ll be starting on march 3rd. I’ll be there going over paperwork and training from 10-3. I’m not very excited to be working at starbucks, but I am excited to have a job. I need the money and with an extra income we can finally start investing in our garden properly. Spring and early summer are great because the garden is lush and full of flowers, but come mid summer the garden turns brown and stays a dust bowl until the rains come again. I’m hoping the wood chips make a difference and that that we keep the flowers around a bit longer. I would like to get some more trailing plants to cover up some of the rockery in an effort to cool the garden down. I planted a native mock orange start from my internship last year, and I think it may have taken. If it has then it will definitely cool a few square feet of space and provide some food for the birds and bees. I think its a really pretty plant.