The movie night went well. Trashed was an extremely eye opening film that was very depressing. I had been warned that it was going to be bad, but it was much worse than I expected. I would say if you’re interested in watching a film that is going to make you change your ways, you should watch Trashed. 

Last Friday I made a call to the local arborist and asked them for some wood chips, thanks to my garden coordinators advice, and they delivered about 3 yards worth of wood chips to my house on wednesday. I only just finished moving them all from the driveway to the back yard. It took me 4 hours to finish today. I’m sore everywhere, haha. I put down wood chips up on the pathway by the raised beds I redid last year, i did the pathways in the greenhouse, the space next to the raised bed on the left side of the stairs, the area under rhodi’s in the front yard, the space where the bees used to be, the area where the spices are next to the house, and the spot where the dogs lay by the neighbors. All of that and it was only half of the pile of wood chips that I had, haha. I had to just pile up the rest where the bees used to be. I could’ve put them on the other pathways, but they were full of weeds and it’s been below freezing the last few days so the ground was frozen solid and I couldn’t pull any weeds up. Today was really warm, it was slightly above freezing. It made working outside much easier.

I haven’t heard back about the job interview yet. I was supposed to hear from them on wednesday but they never called, so I take that to mean I didn’t get the job. I called them today just to ask what I could’ve done differently but the hiring manager had already gone home for the day. So I’ll call on Monday just to be a nuisance.