After 2 months of doing absolutely nothing, I got serious and applied for a few jobs a couple days ago. Today I got a call from a Starbucks in Bellevue about setting up an interview. Its next monday! I’m a little nervous because the last time I interviewed for anything was about 4 years ago when I was trying to be a part of the People to People program. My mom wants to take me out to buy interview clothes. I don’t really know what I should wear to a Starbucks interview… I was just thinking khakis and maybe my light blue formal button up with a Tshirt underneath. I have a friend who works for starbucks down the street, I should ask her.

My life has been exceedingly uneventful these past few weeks. I can’t believe I’m about to say it, but I’ve actually started to miss talking to people. Jordan and I have been hanging out a lot the past few days. Melanie and I got in a fight. She was supposed to hang out with me but was half an hour late because she was talking to her boyfriend. Oh and I didn’t even tell you about that whole mess. I’ll shorthand it for you because its obnoxious. Basically, they spent all of their time together and had no time apart/with other friends, so they were constantly fighting about nothing. Melanie decided to break up with him to “shock” them into changing and got back with him three days later. I tried to hang out with her during that time but she canceled on me literally every day we made plans. She was back with Kurt for maybe a week and a half (two weeks at most) and then we hung out on a tuesday. She was 20 minutes late to that because of work, but I was fine with it because sometimes you’re just late and whatever. But we were supposed to hang out the next day, on wednesday, and she texted me to say she was at Kurt’s house and wasn’t even going to leave until we were supposed to get together. I had taken the bus into the mall that day, so I couldn’t really do anything but wander around and wait for her, but half an hour later when the bus back to Renton arrived I was on it and Melanie had yet to text me she was even on her way. Eventually she did and I wasn’t very nice about it. I mean really, being over half an hour late the day after you had been late before? She apologized and I accepted it, but we stopped talking for a couple days. She texted me to ask what she could do to fix things but I didn’t really have an idea so I just asked her not to do it again, haha.

That said, this week is busy. Tomorrow is the first garden work party of the year for my internship, and Wednesday I’m spending the day with my grandpa. We’re going to look around the car shop he works at and talk to a beekeeper that works there. Then we’re going to look at a college that’s the next town over from his house. They have a fun two week course that I’m interested in taking and he’s decided we’re just going to talk to the people we need to talk to that day. I’m a little nervous because I haven’t ever spent that much time with my grandpa alone before, and he’s a little… well, we’ll just say he’s in his late 70s with a mentality to match. Thursday I’m tabling at a movie event in Issaquah. The movie is called Trashed and is a look at the garbage system in America. It should be really interesting, and will probably make the rest of my family hate me even more for telling them what to compost/recycle/throw away. Oh well, someone has to do it.

My mom just got home so i’m gonna go now. I’ll let you know how the interview goes!