I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned one of these. They’re probably my favorite thing. All you have to do is go and stand outside in a good windstorm and you feel nice and clean afterwards. The stronger the wind the better, and any time of day is acceptable. When its really windy like it is today, when you can feel the house shaking and the wind is whistling through the gaps in your house, that’s the perfect time for a bath.

I like to go and stand at the top of the stairs in my back yard and look out over the city. There are some trees in my neighbors yard, and the wind rushes through them before it makes its way to me. It ruffles my hair just the same as the pine needles it had tickled not a moment ago. I love it.

The wind seems to go right through my skin and straight into my heart. It washes away all of the turmoil that’s been boiling up in there, and makes me feel clean. All of the pain, the grief, the confusion, the hopelessness, the guilt, the worry, the fear, the shame. All gone on a single gust of wind.

There’s absolutely nothing like it.

I haven’t decided if I like wind baths better during the day or during the night. During the day you get to watch the birds floating in midair on the currents, the grass as its ruffled, and the clouds racing past that old snail of a Sun. At night you may get lucky and see the stars, or be kissed by the moon. Have you ever been kissed by the moon? I can understand why people used to talk about moon-madness. It’s such an invigorating kind of light. It’s almost a bath by its self, but not quite as thorough a scrub I think.

I love the wind. Air is my element. Even when its cold; forget that, especially when its cold. It reaches through your clothing and nips at your skin. At your soul. Those layers of grime you had picked up throughout of the course of your life are chipped right off and carried away on the breeze. And suddenly you’re glowing like those stars, or the moon. Your troubles are gone and you’re floating right off into the sky, propelled by the winds of change and hope. Winds strong enough to move the clouds and the stars and the sun and sky. And with this knowledge, the knowledge that these great celestial objects are affected by the wind just as much as you, there is nothing you can’t do.

The wind has cleansed you, and you are alive once more.