The surgery went very well. I went in and they took my blood pressure and gave me some oxygen and nitrous oxide to calm my nerves. I will admit my heart was beating a little faster than normal, but overall I think I was really very calm. They strapped me down and tied a rubber strap tightly around my arm, then had me squeeze something to get my veins to pop. They swabbed my arm with something, then sprayed it with this freezing cold mixture, and then they stuck two needles into my arm. One was an IV, and I’m not sure what the other was. The last thing I remember, I was asked to open my mouth so they could put this stiff yellow-orange thing in to keep my mouth open. The next thing I know I’m lying down in a different room. I’m fairly certain they put me into a wheel chair. I don’t remember being in the elevator, but I must’ve been at some point because the surgery took place on the third floor. I remember telling my mom I was fine when I saw her. She had pulled the car around to the front of the building so I didn’t have to walk far. I put my coat on… but then the ride home seems a bit fuzzy. My mom had to run and get the prescription stuff, some ibuprofen and OxyContin, and seemed to be gone for ages.

My sister was home though, and we talked. Apparently I was a bit loopy, and she laughed at everything I was saying. I didn’t feel any different than normal, but I couldn’t tell you what I had said. I quickly ate 3 cups of chocolate pudding, which my neighbor had given me. Oh yeah, she was outside to say hello when I got home. I remember going in to let the dogs out, and tried to go back outside to say hello and everyone told me to go inside. She recently had a tooth replaced, and had a bunch of pudding cups left over from that. Half of them are vanilla, and the other half chocolate. The chocolate ones have 4% of your daily iron requirement though, so I’ve been eating just those. I spent the day sitting around, and now I’m wide awake. That sedative they gave me seriously nocked me out. I haven’t slept that good my whole life. It was barely 45 minutes but I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

My mouth has finally got feeling back into it. When I got home I couldn’t feel my tongue, and the right side of my face was tingling. I was a little worried they had hit a nerve, but everything is back to normal now. Well, mostly normal. It hurts to swallow if my mouth is closed, because there’s too much suction being created. So I have to swallow down the middle of my tongue, with my mouth partially open. Its making eating vary tedious. My mom made creamy carrot and sweet potato soup (Its an excellent recipe, and you put it in the blender so I thought it would be perfect) but there are little bits of carrot in it that drive me crazy when I eat it. If I try to mash them then the soup gets into the rest of my mouth, and that’s annoying to deal with. Its easiest if I can just put the food onto my tongue and swallow that way. Otherwise I have to worry about sucking things out from my cheeks and that hurts.

Its also a little gross that I can feel my stitches. Its just weird. And I’m slobbering like crazy. I won’t be surprised if I wake up in a puddle of it tomorrow. 

Hopefully I can get to sleep soon. I took some OxyContin around 8 in an effort to make myself drowsy, but all it did was make me slightly dizzy. I’ve been wide awake since I got home, and its already 12:20. I should probably log off and stare at my ceiling for a while. It’s such a shame I can’t even have tea to help! I’m not allowed to have any warm/ hot food because it could dislodged the blood clots. Oh and before the surgery I was positively freezing! I hadn’t eaten since 9pm the night before, and my appointment was at 1:45. I had three layers and a blanket on at home, and that wasn’t enough to keep me warm. It was dreadful. Normally I enjoy the cold, but I can only handle it if I’ve had something to eat. Otherwise my body has nothing to run on and my metabolism slows down and I can’t get warm. It’s the worst! A few pudding cups and some applesauce and a bit of ibuprofen warmed me right up. I suppose I haven’t had very much to drink today, but I have to be getting some amount of liquid from the applesauce and soup. Hopefully tomorrow is a little easier and I can manage the soup better. It’s really tasty, I just can’t deal with the chunks. They’re honestly not even the size of a grain of rice, but they were a nuisance. 

Anyway, goodnight!