I can’t believe its been more than 2 months since I posted anything, even on my beekeeping blog. There’s really no excuse for it.

I’ve been busy with school. I’m taking History 146, which looks at colonial America, and Communication Studies Online, where I’m learning how to talk to people. I’ve been working really hard this quarter to make sure I get A’s in both courses (which currently I am managing to achieve). I would love to finish my Associates Degree with two A’s. It’s too serendipitous not to.

I’ve relaxed a little with my family. We still don’t talk about much, but we are talking more, which I suppose is good. I’m to the point where I’m so tired of everyone that I don’t really care how they act. My mom’s world revolves around my sister, who is still a big partier, is disrespectful, and does absolutely nothing around the house. I am completely forgotten about, or rather, I receive the same level of attention I always have. I’ve just grown to accept it really.

I’m not sure if I’m happier or not. I don’t feel as bad I as used to, but I did completely break down in the car on my way to my internship the other day. Just full on ugly sobbing while I was driving. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself through the tears, not only because I looked completely ridiculous, but because I genuinely couldn’t find a reason for the outburst. I was listening to Vienna by Billy Joel though, and that’s always made me sad.

Gah! I came here to talk about how I’ve been asked to table at a film screening of Queen of the Sun, for Issaquah’s office of sustainability, and that I’m demonstrating how to make a hot compost pile tomorrow. I guess it really has been a while since I blogged about anything on here. Over the last 2 months I took a Master Composter-Recycler class, which was taught by my garden coordinator. We learned about integrated pest management, how to make compost, what to recycle, and visited the county’s composting facility. As part of our certification process we have to do 20 hours of community outreach, which I managed to do in three days, two of which were spent at Salmon Days in Issaquah. Tomorrow I will be going to a new community garden, which is not even three miles from my house, to teach them how to make hot compost. You mix carbon rich and nitrogen rich yard scrapes to create an environment in which certain bacterium thrive. These organisms then break down the organic matter, and generate heat while they work. Compost piles should heat up to 130 degrees, though the piles at Pickering Barn never get past 120. The county makes absolutely enormous piles and uses various technologies to keep the piles evenly aerated and moist, so their piles get up to 170 degrees. This kills off all weed seeds and breaks down pesticides and fertilizers.

Anyway. The movie night is December 12th. I get to talk to the public after the movie is finished, and I was asked to find 2 other beekeepers who would be willing to do the same. I was recommended for the job by someone in Issaquah’s Office of Sustainability, which made me feel really good. I don’t think of myself as very knowledgable, so it was nice to have a city official find me important enough to do something for the city, even if it is just talking to the public about a movie. I’m really hoping this leads to something bigger and better with the city too, because I’m less than a month away from being done with school, and I love Issaquah. It’s got to be my favorite city in Washington. There are trees everywhere, a beautiful downtown district, and they’re really working on making the city as eco-friendly as possible.

Ok, its 10:15. I should go to sleep. Of course now I’m finally starting to feel awake. I’ve been really tired the last few days, and a storm is blowing in tonight which always makes me want to curl up with a nice cup of tea. Maybe I’ll go make one before bed. My mom should be home in about half an hour. She went out for drinks with her half sister, who she rarely sees anymore.

Anyway, goodnight!