*sigh* ok, so I’m just going to jump right into things. Friday of last week my sister brought home a friend of hers, who she hasn’t known for very long, around midnight. He was homeless as his adoptive parents had kicked him out. He has been in trouble for fighting, been through rehab and is currently trying to accumulate 8 hours of community service because he was caught stealing. My mom has taken him under her wing, as she is prone to do, and has decided she wants to put him through college. He was originally supposed to have left yesterday for his birthmother’s home somewhere in eastern Washington. My mom has spent over $200 on clothes for him, because all of his clothes are currently at an ex-girlfriends house. Keep in mind last week she told me we couldn’t afford $30 in compost for our back yard, and that we have been without a functioning furnace for a year. My sisters window is also broken because someone shot a BB through it, and she has dry rot in her bedrooms external wall. We also don’t have a functioning second bathroom, as the fan is broken and the shower head was removed so it could be replaced about 6 months ago.

The boy’s name is Josh. I’ve spoken to him very little, mostly because I don’t like him and also because he’s home even less than my sister. My mom set an 11:30 curfew on tuesday which he and my sister broke that night because he turned 18 on wednesday and wanted to go buy a cigar. Instead of being in trouble my mom did nothing. Last night he came home “hella high” (his exact words) and my mom literally just said “yeah, well” and then made him food because he had the munchies. I have already told my mom once that I don’t want him living here for very long, but since I didn’t have a clear reason (I couldn’t find the words to explain why I didn’t want him living here) she brushed me off. I will be talking to her again tonight because yesterday made me extremely uncomfortable. Josh spends all of his time at my sister’s friend Britney’s house, where he smokes weed all day because her parents grow pot for her moms MS. None of them work, and Britney dropped out of high school because she was pregnant. She’s actually in my grade, and we used to be friends freshman year. I stopped talking to her because I saw how her life was going, and I’m sorry to say I wasn’t wrong about that.

Instead of doing anything about the illegal drug use, my mom has said that because its summer it doesn’t really matter. In all honesty I’m just disappointed in her. Why does she keep making bad decisions like this?! Buying a fifth of scotch for my sister to take on a camping trip, and now supporting this illegal drug use in our own home? REALLY? What part of that is acceptable parenting? She took Josh in because he was going to a dead-end town and she wanted better for him. Apparently smoking pot here and wasting is life on his girlfriends couch (he and Britney started dating almost immediately after he moved in) is better than doing the same thing at his moms house.

My mom took the day off of work on monday to deal with all of his crap. She called his case worker (I’m going to call her that because I don’t actually know what she is) about getting his volunteer hours done so he wouldn’t go to jail for stealing. He spent 3.5 hours on Tuesday working in the garden I intern at. I was at the food bank that day for the Summer Feeding Program we do for the kids who go there with their parents. He was supposed to have finished his hours on Wednesday, but dislocated his wrist within half an hour of being there and had to be sent home. He apparently didn’t even want to come, and had to be talked into it by Britney and my sister. My mom also called the state to see about his Foster Care info on Monday. There were like 3 other things she did for him but I don’t remember what it all was. It was a lot of time and energy spent on her part though, and given his lack of concern with it all I’m not sure it made a difference. She plans on taking him to JobCore next tuesday; a company that will help educate him and find him somewhere to work, since he quit his job when he became homeless. I don’t want him to stay in the house that long.

I plan on telling my mom how disappointed I am with how she handled things yesterday, and that I no longer trust her to make the right decisions for my sister or I, because she has demonstrated poor judgment multiple times now. I also plan on telling her how uncomfortable I felt with the situation yesterday and that I want Josh to leave. I worked to avoid that sort of thing my whole life and having it at home makes me uncomfortable. I consider my house a place of refuge from the outside world, but when the outside world gets brought in and theres no rules governing it, I get extremely distraught. I ended up doing the dishes and putting myself to bed because I was so uncomfortable with how dysfunctional things were. I’m not looking forward to talking to my mom at all, but my cousins and aunts agree that my mom is in the wrong here and I should talk to her about it.