I woke up this morning feeling very light. I lay in bed for a bit, uncertain of what to do and just sort of enjoying the fact that I didn’t feel completely horrible. I eventually decided to see how things had changed in my mind, if at all, and found the door to my cell unlocked. the hallway was dark, so I stood there for a minute, nervous to proceed. How many of my demons would be hiding just out of sight? Would they ambush me? I conjured a white orb and had it float near the ceiling. The shadows receded somewhat and I felt comfortable moving on. I left the door to my cell open. I’m tired of closed doors. I walked for a minute before finding a door that looked similar to my cell door, on the right side of the hall. It was dark inside, and I debated going in. In the end I decided I should, and pulled the door open. One step in and I began to fall, and the door shut behind me, trapping the orb outside. I fell probably a hundred feet before I hit a very large leaf, which slowed my fall considerably and sort of nudged me over so I landed on a slope. I rolled down into a clearing, next to two small mounds of grass and a pound with grey stones around the edge. I couldn’t see much else, except the edges of the plants just at the field of the clearing. The orb of light was bobbing by the window of the door at the top of the room, trying to find a way in.

I lay there for a moment, dazed, and eventually got up. I walked over to the mound on the left and stood on top of it, in a silly attempt to see more of the room. Suddenly it began to grow, as did the mound next to it. It shot straight up; a square pinnacle still covered in grass, and I struggled to hold on. It grew upwards some 70 feet, and then I slid/fell down, with my arms still wrapped around it. I fell in a spiral, and as I was falling I somehow became aware that the bottom of the mound, the side facing the pool of water, had a very large mouth. I got to the bottom safely and found the bases of the mounds were much larger and shaped like pyramids. I asked a question I can’t remember, and the mouths opened to tell me they were the guardians of the temple. They asked where I had been for so long, in deep voices I had never heard, and said that the temple had suffered without me. I explained that I had managed to trap myself in my cell, and couldn’t find the way out until now. I then realized that I had used hope as the key, and asked the guardians to open the door at the top of the room so that my ball of hope could come in. They opened the door and the ball of light came whizzing down to me, where it playfully flew around me several times before floating up to hover between the pinnacles of the mounds.

Despite the new central lighting, the room was still as dark as it had been. I became aware that it was a vivarium though, and looked around a little more. The plants at the edge of the clearing were all jungle plants, and very densely grown together. The wall opposite the door slanted upward from the floor, and was very dark. I thought of going to explore, to see if I could find a switch to open the windows, but I was suddenly reminded of the water in the pool. Water is known for its healing abilities, and so I thought jumping in would help. I was worried about what might surface from the depths, as it was a very deep pool, but nothing did. My goldfish were there though. They were much larger, but still circled each other like they had always done. The ball of light floating in the center of the pinnacles grew smaller as nothing changed in the room. I climbed out of the pool and asked the guardian on the left what I had to do to open the windows of the temple, so that light could come in. He said that I would have to go out into the world and find the light, and in doing so the blinds of the temple would open, and light would spread to those I met along the way.

I looked at the dark wall of windows, and debated whether I should go back to my cell. I had long believed it to be the center of my mind, and I had left the door open which only slightly worried me. I decided against it though, and sat down between the guardians, facing the pool. I have been locked away in that cell for too long. So I stayed where I was, in this large new room filled with plants and only just enough light to see by. I wanted to write this all out before I forgot the details of everything. I know it sounds crazy, and perhaps it is, but I feel better in this new room. I’m going to get out of bed now. And who knows what the day will bring.