Yesterday was the busiest day at my internship so far. We had 65 volunteers and an unknown number of people coming through the garden for the farmers market on the other side of the barn. It was a lot of fun. I was there from 8:20 to 2:40. We had a watering station for the kids, as well as a bean planting station and a small gardening area, with lemon balm for them to play with. Eventually we ran out of things for the adults to do and sent them all to the willow/woodland area behind the barn. The three of us who were in charge, (my supervisor, and the other intern and I) all told the group how to weed, and what to weed, but people ended up just mowing through the place like goats. They filled an entire bin with just the leaves of buttercups. We’re not really sure how else to tell people to weed, because the three of us have all tried our own different methods of explaining it and none of them have worked. Oh well.

Thankfully it was only in the upper 70s. I can’t believe how hot its been this year. I think the hottest day so far was 86. Thats end of July weather normally. The grass is already turning brown! We’re expecting rain for the next week, which we really need. I threatened to take the hose out today because even though it rained a little last night, things are still painfully dry.

Let’s see. I have a camping trip to go to for my plant ID course next saturday. I refuse to go. A, the girl from my Bite Me 2.0 course, will more than likely be getting drunk and doing drugs. Actually, a fair percentage of the class will be doing that. Most everyone will be drinking for sure, including the teacher. I have no interest in any of that, so I’m going to stay home and go to my internship. Which I actually have to do anyway, because we’re going to have a group of 20+ coming in. But even if I didn’t have my internship, I wouldn’t go! lol.