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Becoming A Vegetarian

I have fallen completely in love with my Bite Me 2.0 course. Everyday its like I spend 3 hours with my great aunt and uncle, who share very similar believes and talk in much the same way as my teachers. The books, Food Politics, The Ethics of What we eat (my favorites of the course), have been highly educational and have really changed my perspective of the political food system. We watched several movies, including: Dirt, Fresh, Killer at Large, Botany of Desire, and Power of Community. All are very educational. I think Power of Community is my favorite though. It really makes me want to live on a commune, lol.

Last week I made an effort to reduce my meat consumption, and ate only the meat still available in the house. Starting on the 17th, I fully ‘converted’ to being a vegetarian. If the ethics behind eating meat aren’t enough to get you to change your eating habits, the health benefits certainly are. I feel twice as energized as I used to, and even with only 6 hours of sleep I wake up feeling extremely well rested (which used to be a really rare thing) and falling back to sleep after my alarm goes off now takes a big effort. My Bite Me course currently is having us do a nutrition project, in which we have to track our daily meals (using and then print off the results after a week. I decided to start this project on Monday (the day I changed my diet completely) and according to the website I have well over 100% of my essential vitamins and minerals every day. I’ve made a creamy carrot and sweet potato soup, and pizza so far, as well as having cereal and our traditional olive oil and vinegar salad.

Just as importantly as becoming a vegetarian, I have tried to be an organic one. There’s no reason that everyone shouldn’t be eating organically. We went grocery shopping monday, bought a weeks worth of groceries (for 2 people, with enough for my sister to have some as well usually) and spent less than we would on a weeks worth of normal groceries. I spent most of monday making soup and organic apple sauce, waiting until tuesday to make banana bread.

Oh, and for you french fry eaters out there, the first day I switched I went to Red Robin and ate 3 baskets full of fries on my own. I barely reached my recommended daily allowance for calories that day, and had more than enough vitamins and minerals. So, giving up meat means more deep fried goodness for me!

I also feel a lot happier than I have in months. Maybe its just the increase in light because of the time of year, or the fact that my sister was gone for three days; I dunno. All I know is I’m actually able to get out of bed in the mornings, where as two weeks ago the thought of moving was often almost more than I could bear.

Being Noticed

I spent most of my day doing nothing. I got the majority of the house vacuumed, and did a water change for my fish tank. I had plans to have dinner with my neighbor, J, at six, but got there a little later than I was supposed to. When I arrived she had other guests over, and eventually we got on the topic of eco0friendly structures. It was a family of three, a mother and father and their daughter, who was especially shy with me. Children are almost always shy around me, so I take very little notice anymore. Except maybe to make a funny face at them suddenly when they think I’m not looking. As they were leaving the little girls mother wanted to clarify that her little girl, and when I say little I mean 5ish, had recently begun to notice boys. Especially handsome boys, which is why she was so shy around me. I was very surprised to hear this, because I don’t find myself appealing at all, and found it odd that both of these people found me attractive. The mom then asked her daughter: “he looks like Flynn Rider [from Disney’s Tangled], huh?”, to which the little girl replied yes, and then further buried her face into her mothers coat.

I was more surprised by this than the first comment about my looks, as I find Flynn Rider to be rather dashing, and found it bizarre that this woman was making the same connection as her daughter. I found it hugely flattering, quite honestly. Of course, I don’t see where they get the idea at all, but after bringing it up with my neighbor (and showing her a picture of Flynn, as she didn’t know who he was), she said that I was more handsome than he was. Older women are the only ones to ever notice or compliment my looks, so I haven’t really ever taken compliments like that seriously, but for some reason the fact that this little girl had agreed with the idea made it seem much more true. Because children never lie, haha. No, but children are extremely honest in their opinions, and they have a way of getting to the truth of things quite quickly. I don’t know… for whatever reason, this silly little compliment has made me feel… nice. I feel as though I’ve been noticed I guess.

After having dinner with my neighbor, we decided to go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I went to the night before with M and her boyfriend. Needless to say, its a wonderful movie. I loved all the acting, the characters, the actors… it was extremely well done I think. I’m definitely going to have to read the book.

J and I went straight back to her house after the movie, where her roommate had just gotten home from a friends house. We spent a bit of time talking about what I’d look like with a bit of hair on my chin like Flynn Rider has. I’ve gone a few days without shaving before, and then shaved so that I can see what it would look like if I actually had that little bit of scruff there, and its probably the only way I’d wear facial hair at the moment. I’d have to get a haircut first of course, but if I was going to have any kind of facial hair, thats what I would have I think. Especially since I would be able to fiddle with it and look even more reflective than I currently do, haha. Ah well, we’ll save that for another day I suppose. Now that I’ve brought it up though, both J’s are pushing me to actually grow a little beard like that so they can see what it looks like and decide if that’s really what I should do. I’ll have to wait until the weekend to show them I think, cause I’m not interested in walking around campus with a darkening patch of fur on my face. The other trouble is, I don’t have a fancy shaving kit, so maintenance would be rather difficult.

I’ll let you go now, as I’m going hiking with J (the roommate, not the neighbor) tomorrow at 10:30, and it’s 2:33 am currently. Time for sleep I think. Oh, but a cup of tea sounds lovely…