Three days ago I decided it was time to get rid of my goldfish. I decided on the ‘temperature shock’ method, per a site recommended by Emily. The weather was cold enough that the garbage bin full of water (which we use for holding weeds during the summer) was partially frozen over. I took some ice from our freezer and put it in the garbage bin, to cool the water down a little bit more, and then went and got my goldfish. A minute or two later they had succumed to the cold. In the end I really do think its for the best. I couldn’t sit through another day of watching them slowly dying from all of their diseases. I’m struggling with Sam, who has been completely out of character for the last week. He and Buttercup escaped from the yard at 7 o clock at night about a week ago. Sam’s been pacing the house constantly, and his only form of breathing is panting. Today he started circling me, to the point that he was almost constantly touching me while he walked. He’ll trot around the house at random times, as if he’s just been scolded and is being chased, or like we’ve just put flee medicine on him, and he spends as much time outside as possible. When it was really cold last week he would go and lay in the frosted grass for so long that the frost would melt, and a dark imprint would be there for the rest of the evening. And he has been glued to me constantly. Normally he hates laying on the bed with me, but he’s taken to jumping up and practically sleeping on top of me. He’s sleeping on the couch downstairs a lot more, and has abandoned his usual spot in front of the front door. His erratic behavior is driving us all nuts because we don’t know what to do. I may be taking him to the vet tomorrow if they’re ok with my mom calling in to give her credit card number.

In other news, I bought two new fish yesterday. They’re Dwarf Gouramis and are really pretty. They’re a little timid and scare easily, but I like them. I also moved over the 4 Zebra Diano’s from the half gallon aquarium and put them back in the 25 gallon tank. I can’t remember if I’ve talked about all this, but I got them right around the same time I got those shrimp, but the shrimp didn’t like them and one jumped out of the tank to get away. I moved them to my half gallon tank and they’ve been there ever since. Anyway, I left the tank where it was and figured I would put my moms beta in there, because this tank has a light, whereas hers does not. I looked in there today and found little baby fish swimming around! They’re practically microscopic. I’m amazed they survived, given that I had to take 4 fish out of there a couple days ago. And I don’t know what they’ve been eating, because they don’t go more than half an inch from the surface and I haven’t put any food in there in two days. I’m going to research what to do to take care of them tonight. I’m so excited!