I have been debating writing a post for some time now. I’ve put it off because it would’ve just been more complaining about how depressed I’ve gotten again, and how tired I am of school. Which unfortunately has been all I’ve ever blogged about. Instead I’ve signed on to write about the only other thing I ever talk about, lol. Ghosts.

Tonight my mother and I were watching Downton Abbey (I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE that show), when suddenly Sam sat up and began staring at a spot near the ceiling, above the… oh, I’m embarrassed I’ve forgotten what its called. It’s a glass cabinet meant for displaying little trinkets… bother. Well, Sam was fixated on this point on the wall, which is something he’s done before, but usually its a point very near the ceiling above the bay window. He’s never paid any mind to this particular point on the wall before though. And he actually stood up to get closer to it, and made a kind of small noise, which is something he’s NEVER done. Buttercup became interested in what he was doing and looked to see what he was fussing about. As soon as she did she immediately went berserk. She barked like mad and started jumping around; running around the living room and climbing on the furniture to bark at this point on the wall. Her hackles were raised and everything. It was like a scene straight out of Poltergeist. – Curio! That’s what that cabinet is called! A curio cabinet. I feel much better now, haha.

The other dogs joined in the barking as well, but neither Kira or Peluchi seemed to know what was going on. Eventually we got the dogs to calm down, but Sam continued to stare at the spot for several minutes more. And he’s broken his habit of sleeping by the front door until my reading lamp has been turned off and just come straight upstairs with me. Normally he waits until he knows I’m going to sleep before he comes upstairs and hops on the couch. Buttercup has been getting more and more anxious with the other dogs over the last few weeks. You have to be careful how you handle her because she’ll attack the other dogs if you’re not careful. Something’s going on in our house, that’s for sure. This morning I was standing under the dinning room lights and one of the lights clicked like it usually does at night when we’re going to bed. I don’t know what to make of all this activity…

And I must apologize for staying away for so long, because I’ve just realized I’ve very rudely forgotten about my guest writer. I hope he forgives me. I’ve been in such a bad place for the last few days I’d forgotten all about him. I’ve barely been speaking to anyone and have taken to sleeping odd hours.

Bother. Every creak and moan this house makes tonight is going to set me on edge. A few days ago I stayed up until 2 in the morning because of the energy in the air of my room. I didn’t feel any single entity, there was just a lot of energy and it put me on edge. None of the shadows stayed where they ought to either. Needless to say, my reading light was on until well into the morning.

Anyway, I must be off. I’ve got to go check my email and see if that man hasn’t wrote me a nasty letter by now. It’s been long enough, he certainly has the right, haha.