I’m honestly more mad about this than the potential to have cancer. My sister has some bacterial infection, similar to strep throat, and has been home coughing up a storm all week. Guess who’s started coughing, and has those tell-tale body aches one gets when sick? Yeah. So when I go to the doctor, I’ll be turning my head and coughing more than necessary. How delightful.

In other news, (and I hope you’re all aware of the fact that I provide far too much information about myself on this blog and are prepared for whats to come) I had to go to the bathroom earlier today, and noticed I was rather was rather warm (if you catch my meaning), and thus decided to give myself one last examination, where there was good lighting and I could see everything properly before tomorrow. To my surprise, my testicle has become rather visibly deformed, appearing slightly bean like in shape, and a very noticeable bump (which for some reason I have been unable to feel/ had not noticed before) was… well… very noticeable. It’s a dark color and showed right through my skin, when things were pulled and pushed correctly. I honestly don’t know how I hadn’t noticed it before.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that with you. I’ll definitely be pointing that out with my doctor. Oh, have I addressed my rather extreme concern as to what I’m to do with my hands during my examination? I don’t know how I couldn’t have, I’ve talked to almost all of my friends about it.

Ugh, and now I’m going to sleep because it’s very late and I’ve been exhausted, despite sleeping in until 9 (I decided to listen to my Anthropology teacher and skip that class today), and taking a nap around 6. I guess supporting cancer and some sort of bacteria can take a lot out of a person.

Oh, have I told you that I haven’t told my mom or sister about my suspected cancer, or my doctor’s visit tomorrow? I didn’t want to worry either of them, or have them pestering me constantly about it, so I figured I would wait and tell them after I had gotten home from the doctors and hopefully had a more clear answer to things. Thus the reason that I can’t skip math and then suddenly decide to go out to a nondescript location tomorrow. Blah, math is going to be murder. Maybe I’ll just sleep in my car for a couple hours… For the record, I full intend on coming home to shower before my appointment. And if my sister asks why, I’ll just tell her I’m off to have some sex. I came home from Art early today, because I wasn’t feeling good (though I told my sister that class had just gotten out early) and my sister started joking that I was lying and was just skipping school and doing drugs and having sex. So I think telling her that tomorrow will be great. Especially since I’ll probably come home and want to shower after the appointment, depending on if they do an ultrasound or not. Either way, it’ll make for an even funnier joke. I also fully intend to take a pregnancy test and leave it out for my mom to find to freak her out about my sister. Cause I’m mean like that, lol.

Sleep now!