I’ve been pretty uncomfortable the last few days. I skipped my last class of the day yesterday and just came home and spent the rest of the day laying in bed. My whole lower abdomen is extremely uncomfortable, and I think I may have found a lump in there as well. I’ve been extremely tired and unable to get enough sleep to feel rested, excluding today, and have been a little short tempered as well. Today was alright because I managed to get 8 and a half hours of sleep, and woke up feeling almost normal. I only had a moment of discomfort once or twice, but have a headache so I still haven’t been able to get much done. Yesterday I told my Anthropology teacher that I may be unable to make it to school Wednesday, because sitting in her class for two hours is really unpleasant. I actually almost threw up yesterday because I had a random moment of extreme nausea. She told me not to come to class, and was very willing to work something out if I wasn’t feeling up to the final. I told her thanks and that I fully expect to go to class for that.

The trouble is that the quarter ends next Friday. I have two finals on Wednesday and one on Friday (of next week mind). So I really only have a few more days of genuine work to do before I have a few tests to take and I’m done. This makes it incredibly difficult for me to stay motivated, especially because I don’t care for any of these classes anyway. Plus, with the way I’ve been feeling and the potential for a life threatening disease, school isn’t exactly high on my to-do. I’m just kind of stuck in this floating stage at the moment, which really is what my life has been for the most part anyway, but it’s a little more pronounced at the moment I think. Oh! And I never had my wisdom teeth removed, because I hoped that they would never erupt and I wouldn’t have to deal with them. The furthest most back corner of my mouth began hurting severely yesterday, and my gums have definitely started moving around. So I may have to deal with the removal of all kinds of body parts before too long, which would be pleasant. My jaw pain is also contributing to my headache. And I’m just so tired…

Maybe I’ll hurry up and finish my Art project, which isn’t due until next Wednesday… I hope… Oh no, I’ve just checked and it’s due Monday… How unfortunate. And there’s quite a lot more to do than throw images together… whoops.

Sorry, I somehow got distracted by tumblr… ugh, somebody come save me. I’ve been out the last two nights in a row, which never happens. I’m normally a homebody, but… I don’t know, I think the idea of finally confirming I have cancer has put this desire to do things in me. Which is a bother, because if I’m going to be stir crazy (which I’m sure I will) while going through chemo, I may go properly mad. In more exciting news, I went out and bought a new plant and some velvet medicine for my fish. The male’s fins are beginning to split, which shows how extremely unhealthy he is. I was reluctant to try treatment again, because I used something that treated for ick and velvet before and had no results, but this medicine is supposed to treat the fish themselves, not the water. So! Here’s hoping they get healthy, because watching sick fish while slowly being killed by chemo just doesn’t sound like fun!