I have an essay due tomorrow. Naturally this means I am doing everything possible to avoid writing it. Its some stupid two page thing examining the kinship chart we made of our chosen classmates family, and how everyone is related, even though we have already been required to draw a diagram depicting all of this. I’m not big on doing things that are unnecessary and repetitive, so I’m basically just going to wait until I’m so tired I HAVE to get it done quickly so I can sleep. This is how I wrote some of my best essays in high school.

I signed up for new courses today. I’ll be taking an 11 credit course called Bite Me 2.0: Food Security and Sustainability. It gives me credit for biology (for a lab credit, though I don’t need it) and a second year of english. I’ll also be taking an oceanography class online, which is 6 credits and also a lab. So I’ll be taking 17 credits next quarter, with 2 lab classes. I’m praying that it will be fun, because I do love labs, but I don’t know that oceanography is all that exciting. And after I get those 17 credits I’ll only need to take one more class (6 more credits) to get my associates degree. I don’t know that I realized that when I signed up for all these credits. I just wanted to take these classes, lol.

My fish are doing ok. The shrimp are a little annoying though. They’re supposed to find the area of the tank with the strongest current and filter feed there, but they only do this at night, when the goldfish are the least active. They’re foolishly afraid of them, despite the fact that the goldfish have never touched them. I bought them a water pump to increase water motion in the tank, and so far all it’s done is made the goldfish more active (which I’m not complaining about). I have several dozen antique marbles on top of the gravel in the tank, just to add color and diversity, and the female goldfish loves to dig through the gravel. So the marbles are constantly being buried by her digging endeavors, and the setting within the tank is changed constantly as a result. I rather like it. I’ll go in and dig up the marbles so they’re all on the surface again, which makes her a little mad because she can’t get at the gravel as easily and keeps her busy for the better part of the day. She also has to work a lot harder to stay vertical with the pump pushing so much water around, so I know she’s getting her exercise. The male just follows her around, and will help her attack a pebble if she needs help moving it, but he’s not anywhere near so interested in digging as she is.

The spots that I thought was Ick several weeks ago are still here. Every so often fuzzy buildup will appear on them, which makes me think that this could be Velvet instead. It’s very similar to Ick, only it isn’t as aggressive I don’t think. That said, the medicine I was using to treat them with last time said that it also treated velvet, and the spots are still here. The fish are more active than ever and the spots aren’t changing all that rapidly, so I think I’m not going to bother treating them. This means I won’t be able to get new fish, but oh well.

Unfortunately for all of you, my goldfish are currently the most exciting thing in my life. I rarely hang out with my “group” anymore, simply because all our schedules interfere with one another’s. M and I have been going to see L a lot in the last week or so, and I think part of that is because her mom told her she couldn’t go away to college until next fall. As much as I didn’t want it to, I really let the fact that she was leaving affect our friendship. I have trouble not immediately letting go of relationships when I know that there’s a definite point where they’ll virtually go away. M and I will always be great friends, but her going two states away would completely change the nature of our friendship for several years, and our “face” time would dwindle to nothing. Since she’s not leaving me next month, as she had planned to, I’m slowly forcing myself to talk to her more and more again. I know that sounds bad, but it’s totally a defense mechanism. I’ll be less affected if I distance myself from her before she leaves.

hmm, its 11:30. Do you suppose I’ll be able to write that essay now? I have to be up at 6:25 to be ready for school. Yay for not having sleep…