You all have been following me long enough to know that I’m not afraid to speak my mind. So when my dad called me two days ago and I picked up, not realizing it was him (we have no caller ID and I had just missed a call from my cousin so I expected it to be him), you know I wasn’t going to stay quiet. I have been avoiding his calls for the past week because I can’t afford to go to school without his support, but have no desire to ever speak with/see him again. That said, I have a fair few things that I could say if I did speak to him again, though none would be to my benefit. That’s why when he called, I stayed curt and to the point. He asked how I had been and how school was going, to which I replied “fine”. He then said he had been calling for the last few days and hadn’t been able to figure out my schedule because he hadn’t been able to reach me. I then said “I have no desire to talk to you so unless you have something important to say, I have better things to be doing.” He was only slightly surprised and asked “you really don’t want to talk to me huh? I was just trying  to see if you wanted to go out to lunch or dinner or something.” My reply was “I’m fine not doing that.” He then said “well, ok son, I’ll talk to you later then.” I said “K” and hung up as he was saying goodbye. That was honestly the nicest way I could’ve handled that.

I texted M about it IMMEDIATELY and she was like “wow, bitch!” My response was “Hey, he called to talk to me. I just wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting himself into. I was as nice as I could possibly be, lol.” Which made her actually laugh out loud.

I told my mom about it and she gasped, as did L, my “gay guru”, when I told him about it last night. My sister’s jaw dropped when I told her, as did my neighbors. I just find it funny that people are still shocked by me, lol. And I don’t know that I was even being mean! Rude, absolutely, but mean…? Maybe in the tone of my voice, or lack there of. My voice goes flat and monotone, and gets a little deeper when I’m mad.

Anyway! That happened. But the elections were last night so who cares?!

This was my first time being able to vote (I’m 18), so it was fun to be an active member of society. Obama is president for another four years, by several dozen electoral votes, and Washington is officially the most democratic state of the country. We approved, through public voting, gay marriage, recreational use of marijuana, and public charter schools (schools that set up a curriculum not mandated by the state, where teachers work together so the lessons all fit together. I.e. math and science work together so students learn about the same thing in each subject, as do English and History [reading about the civil war in English while learning about it in History.]) Soooo, basically we’re the gayest state now too lol. Our gay population is a little lower than California’s I think, but their marriage law was repealed and hasn’t been brought to the voters yet.

Let’s see, what else do I know…? That’s about it I think. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got! Until next time!