After many long weeks of treating for various diseases, I have finally been able to the water of my fish tank clean enough to take a picture!

My sleepy goldfish.


They like to sit themselves in the quietest corner of the tank they can find, with the least amount of water movement, and snuggle up before going to sleep. They stick all their fins out into the large rocks to stay in the same place. I think its cute!

And, because the water is finally chemical free, I have bought some bamboo shrimp from Petco!

These two haven’t quite settled in yet unfortunately. I was hoping they could just settle right in, but they jetted (with surprising speed) to the corner of the tank right next to the filter. They’ve moved around enough that I could get a nice picture of the two of them. They haven’t started eating yet I don’t think (their 4 front ‘claws’ open up into fans and they filter feed that way), but by tomorrow I’m hoping they get hungry enough that they’ll venture out. If they don’t then I’ll probably have to invest in a pump to increase the current in the tank, and buy a few more plants for hiding places. I need a new air-pump anyway, since the one we’ve had for about 10 years broke.

That folded thing you’re seeing in the bottom corner of the above picture is a piece of paper I taped onto the side of the tank to keep the light out. You may think it’s bad now, but it was solid green a few days ago. I had to do a 60% water change to get the majority of the algae out of the water. I changed 5% of the water again today, and the algae has already almost doubled. Goldfish are extremely messy, so there’s a lot of nitrogen in the water, which plants love. I use some of the water I remove from the tank to water the plants around the house. The rest goes either down the drain or out in the lawn.

Anyway, I’m not sure how long the shrimp will last. My goldfish are so big that they could easily eat them, which is really unfortunate because I can’t put any more fish in the tank with them. This tank  25 gallon tank is actually too small… I should’ve gotten the 29 gallon. It was only like $30 cheaper and would’ve allow me a little more freedom. Oh well.