I didn’t have time to post about this yesterday, but do you guys remember my neighbors who live two houses down from me? The ones where the father stabbed his son who had attacked his mother? Well, that son was recently released from jail and was going into rehab next week. Yesterday he lost it and shot both his mother and father in law, as well as his grandson (not at the house two houses down though). My neighbors F and S, who are friends with the man’s sister (the woman who currently lives two houses down) said that he killed his wife. After attacking his family he fled north where he killed himself in a rental car.

Here’s the link to the official news report if you’d like to read more. http://www.komonews.com/news/At-least-one-shot-in-Renton-area-176120421.html?m=y&smobile=y&clmob=y&c=n

While that all was going on, I was out to a short play with my mom, sister, grandpa and his wife. It was surprisingly fun. The play was a short, 40 minute thing performed at Molbec’s (a nursery a couple towns away), by the employ’s there. The nursery was fantastic, and my mom bought me a hanging pitcher plant. I have wanted one for YEARS. Its one of the proper large ones that would catch a small rodent. It was $40, the most expensive houseplant I’ve ever bought, but i think it was well worth it. It makes my room so much more exotic! I had a pitcher plant, about a year ago I think, that was a ground-dwelling variety. I managed to get it to bloom accidentally, but it never recovered and it died. This one is large and sturdy though, so lets hope it lasts longer than a few months. The tag it came with says it should be kept in 50% shade, but everything I read online says it needs bright, indirect sunlight. It also needs high humidity and lots of water, so I may just keep it in the bathroom and see what happens. If it appears unhappy I’ll move it.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I’m not looking forward to school tomorrow :/