My sister hasn’t quite been here a week, but I think I’ve got enough of a grasp on things to give you a summary of it all. Basically she was home for five (not exaggerating) minutes and my phone was already rushing to buy her an iPhone 4S. Incase I haven’t mentioned, I had to buy myself the 4S as a graduation gift, because my mom decided she couldn’t afford to get me anything. My dad had shut off my sisters phone by the time she got home, because my mom told him that the phone bill was his contract and she couldn’t pay it for him. So, if our phone company couldn’t just transfer the phone my mom was fully prepared to buy her this $150 phone, including a case and insurance plan. None of these things were ever offered to me, which is a big deal to me because my mom has told me several times that “we can’t afford groceries” and makes me feel guilt about wanting to buy plants. The fact that my sister comes home and my mom can suddenly throw money around like its nothing sends an extremely negative message my way, in my opinion. Anyway, our phone company was able to buy my sisters old, useless phone from her for a price that bought her the 4S and a case, and only required her to spend $8.

Since my sister has come home, I have completely fallen off the map in my mother’s eyes. I feel undervalued to the point that I basically just live here, and nothing I do matters. I’m an Aquarius, so we like being left alone and don’t need much attention at all, but my mom has almost completely cut me out and is also asking more of me. She’s going to increase my car insurance so that if my sister does drive my car and gets in an accident, she’s covered. I told her flat out that I didn’t want that, because I was not going to pay extra for insurance and didn’t want my insurance rates to go up if my sisters wrecked my car. She told me she would pay the difference on my insurance, which immediately annoyed me. I’ve been on my own for insurance pretty much the whole time I’ve had my car. Suddenly my sister may someday need it, and my mom is all too happy to pay for part of it. Which she told me she would “take out of the college money [my] dad sends [me] for the quarter.” I get that technically, she pays for all of my schooling, and that she pays for my books and all that, and that my dad’s money for school goes straight to her- well no, actually it goes to me. So yeah, it’s basically bull shit for her to use my own money to pay for this increased insurance.

On top of neglect and forcing others debt on me (oh, did I mention my sister, despite trying to get a job, will not be required to pay for any part of her insurance?), she’s also threatened to take my debit card away from me on several occasions because I’m “pissing the money away” from my checking account. Which is completely false and also really none of her business. I haven’t asked her for money in months, and she hasn’t noticed. She just thought I was somehow magically paying for my own gas and all of the places I’ve been going out to with friends. I have more than enough money saved up for my daily expenses, including the next few months of car insurance. I also haven’t been paid for over 20 hours of work from my aunt, or 9 hours of work from M’s mom. So I have basically a whole other insurance payment coming my way. I don’t appreciate being berated for how I manage my funds and I don’t appreciate being threatened for being relatively self sufficient. My mother has completely lost her mind.

Other things that have happened: my sister is failing three of her classes (these are grades that have followed her from her previous high school), we may finally be getting a new furnace because our neighbors neighbors son works on furnaces and is removing one from a hotel that has decided to replace it. He’s going to give it to us and install it for free, we just have to pay for any extra parts he may need.

I’m doing relatively well in school. I have a high A in my anthropology class, a high B to low A (depending on the day) in Art Appreciation, and a low B in Math. I’ve also started properly hanging out with a couple of lesbians, S and K, and carpool/ hang out with J every day. The 4 of us have formed a group and basically just joke and laugh the entire time we hang out, no matter how long that may be. I was deemed a lesbian today because S looked through my playlist and discovered I listen to artists like Avril Lavigne, The Indigo Girls, The Veronica’s, and Pat Benetar. I was deemed gay because of all of my Norah Jones, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears and Abba. That said, I also listen to The Beatles, Keane, The B-52’s, Cake, Dave Mathews, Florence and The Machine, George Michael, John Mayer, Journey, Lily Allen and Macy Gray. Among many others, lol. I’ve got 1186 songs on my playlist currently.