I can’t remember if I’ve been keeping you all up to date on the play-by-plays of the drama of my sister moving home. So I’m going to summarize a bit. She decided to move home just after totaling her car, and talked to our dad about it yesterday. He was fine with her moving back but asked her to stay until today (my mom waited just down the street from his house for several hours, incase my sister suddenly wanted to flee the house) so he could sign her out of school. So my mom wasted several hours of yesterday just sitting in her car, to find out that she would have to drive back down there today to get my sister and bring her home. Whatever. Apparently, as my sister was loading things into my moms car my dad was on the phone talking to my mom, instead of just coming out and having a face to face conversation with her. He thinks that she should take on the full responsibility of paying for the new car he bought my sister (she had a new car within the week after totaling her first one), as well as her crazy high insurance. He hasn’t even made a payment on this new car yet apparently, and feels my mom should take on full responsibility for it. He also felt she should take on my sisters phone bill, as she got a new number and phone as soon as she moved down there. My mom didn’t agree to either of these things, and so by the time my mom and sister got home my sisters phone had been shut off.

Apparently my dad also felt that the three of us (my mother, sister, and me) should go to counseling together, as my mom has really messed up the relationship between my sister and I. I’m sooooo glad he’s no longer directly in my life. He’s one of THE stupidest people I’ve ever met, by far.

With my sisters phone being useless, my mom immediately rushed her to the AT&T store to get her an iPhone. The worst part about that was, I didn’t even really see what that move of procuring a brand new phone for my sister was until after they were already at the store. It was SUCH a political move on the part of my mother. ‘oh, you’re home, let me buy you some fancy new thing’. I really kind of got rather mad when I’d figured that out. She is a completely backwards parent. She rewards a person for making huge mistakes and amending them (which, on its own is completely fine), but does nothing to reward those who were smart enough to avoid the mistake all together. And it’s not even that aspect of it that really bothers me. It’s the fact that in ALL instances, I’m handled much less affectionately, and with significantly less attention than my sister. I’m second. How many months did it take for her to get me a graduation gift? How many months for a Christmas present? My sister had presents ON Christmas. And I realize that phrasing things this way makes me sound like some brat who only cares about material goods, but that’s not what I’m driving at. It’s the effort behind the gifts. The fact that despite almost dropping out of high school, and then jumping from a C to a B cumulative grade point average in a year, my graduating wasn’t enough of an event to receive some kind of special recognition. Yes, she did throw me a family party, but it was more for the family than for me.

I bought myself an iPhone as a graduation gift long before my mom got me anything. My sister decides she wants to live here and that’s grounds for a new phone. It did turn out that my sisters current phone couldn’t just be transferred to AT&T, and she did actually need a new phone, but they bought her old phone from her, so my mom only paid $7 for her iPhone 4S. I paid $200 for mine. My mom also bought herself an iPhone 4, for $1.08, which will be shipped here in 2 weeks because apparently the whole of western Washington has a shortage. I wasn’t included in anything. There’s just a complete lack of effort in comparison to my sister. It drives me mad. I’ve also become so accustomed to it, that I stopped noticing. It was only until my friend M made a comment that I realized exactly what my mom was doing when she bought the phone.

I hope you all understand that I’m not completely crazy and make up these wacko “political plots” in regards to my mother. She genuinely is like this. We went out to dinner and my sister was talking about applying to some store, which made her friend immediately want to apply as well, much to my sister’s disdain. My mom immediately started telling her that she shouldn’t tell anyone anything until she had already applied. It sounded EXACTLY like something my dad would say. I said something along the lines of “this is too dramatic. If you have to lie to your friends to avoid confrontation at every turn, then there’s a problem. Don’t not tell anyone about your plans, and choose better friends.” I was told that that was something my dad would say, which I was completely flabbergasted by. I have never heard anything so intelligent from him and it most certainly is NOT. He lies and covers up and hides his secrets, (things that shouldn’t even be a secret!) more than anyone I know. If he buys a new TV, it has to be kept from the family until the opportune moment. My sister wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about totaling her car because that would’ve been an embarrassment, which is stupid because that family has very little class and wouldn’t care about that at all.

Anyway, my sister is officially home. My mom doesn’t have custody of her, and she isn’t enrolled in any school at the moment, but she’s living here permanently as far as she and my mom are concerned. I hate everything about the situation and am sick of the nonchalant way this has all been handled. My mom is extremely underhanded, my sister is too stupid to see it, my dad is a giant ass hole who has the money to get what he wants, and I’m a victim to all of it. Yes, I’ve played a small part in things, but I was reacting, not acting. And honestly, annexing my sister from my life was more for my health than anything else. She is an extremely stressful person to be invested in.

In other news, my goldfish have not improved health wise, and the fish expert at petsmart advised that I stop treating them to see if I really have diagnosed ick correctly. It will spread rapidly if it really is ick apparently.