I’ve been so busy the last few days I forgot to write a post. Over the weekend my sister came up to visit some friends. She came home to talk to my mom, but my mom had just gone out so my sister left and headed to a friends house. Not even two blocks away she t-bones a mustang and nearly totals both cars. Come to find out, her dad doesn’t even know she’s up here. She told him she was at a friends house near their house downtown. My mom called me as soon as my sister had called her and had me drive over there to wait with her until my mom could get there. They towed both cars away and we were given a statement by the police and that was that.

My sister broke down and started crying because my mom was telling her her car was totaled (I’ve come to realize that my mom doesn’t really know what totaled looks like, because she’s said that about several cars and none of them were actually totaled) and it was her first accident and it was rather major. I went home to watch Doctor Who while – oh, look at that, it was Saturday that this happened; now I remember, lol. Anyway, I’m home watching Doctor Who while my mom and sister follow my sisters car to the lot to get all of her things out of the car. Once they’re home (and interrupting my show) my sister announces that she wants to move back home. She was up for three weeks during the summer and during that time she realized how much she missed it up here apparently. She’s afraid of her dad still and hates it down there. She was afraid of how he would react if she talked to him about coming home was also wary because she knows I’m completely done with her.

I’m really to the point where I’m no longer actively mad at her, I’m just done. She’s one of the most self centered, physically draining people I have ever met. The way drama seems to constantly be in her life you’d think she actively sought it out. I’m just done with her. She takes too much out of me. If she wants to move back, fine. It’s going to take thousands of dollars, hours of my mothers time and energy, and months of planning to get it done, but whatever. At least now we won’t necessarily loose the house or the dogs.

We were stuck waiting for about an hour for her dad to get here to pick her up. He brought his girlfriend, and my sister had so much crap that I had to help carry things out. I handed off the stuff to his girlfriend, who got out of the car to help, and walked away. She asked how I was and I said “fine and yourself” and that was all that was said. My sister’s dad shouted ‘hey!’ to me as I was walking away, even though he had said nothing while I was standing right next to his car. I looked back and gave a half smile half grimace while jerking my hand sideways once in a none too eager attempt at a wave, and kept walking. My mom immediately gave me a hug once I was inside and asked me if I was ok. Like, why send me out there if you were concerned for me at all? My sister could’ve easily made two trips and I wouldn’t have needed to go out there. When I said I was fine she said “you’re heart’s beating a little fast”. Of course my heart is going to be beating a little quicker than normal! That annoyed me more than anything out of that situation. My mom honest manipulates situations so she can try and get a reaction out of me because I’m such an air sign that I don’t outwardly react to anything. I stay very composed through most all situations, and didn’t appreciate her judging my heartbeat in that instance. And I really was fine. My heart rate was lower than it usually is whenever my dad shows up. Ugh.

Anyway. Sissy’s coming home, her car isn’t totaled, her dad’s an ass, and my mom is manipulative. If everyone would just leave me alone that would be great.