Today was much longer than yesterday, but I think it went better. Anthropology doesn’t look too interesting yet. That said, my teacher is a lesbian, and there’s another gay guy in the class, and a lesbian student. I kind of went into a gay overload and when I introduced myself to the class the interesting things I told them about myself were that I kept bees and that my best friend M and I are constantly described as Will and Grace. I think I shocked the class because no one was interested in the fact that I keep bees, which my Art Appreciation class found very interesting. Oh well. Hopefully things will be a little more interesting in that class now.

Math was a little more bearable, but I’m still having a horrible time focusing. I’m not sure how much of it is just me and how much of it is genuine distractions. It’s going to be a long quarter either way.

I had something else to tell you all, but I’ve forgotten it…

Anyway! I just wanted to check in and let you all know how day two had gone. The good news is that I get to sleep in tomorrow!