Time seemed to stand still today, though the shadows lengthened and the clouds from the First Rain yesterday departed. There was a solemn emptiness about the day. Winter is fast approaching, and the cold weather has started to set in. I spent most of the day reading and drinking tea. I had trouble focusing on anything more strenuous, and was easily lost in the folds of a tea leaf or the pages of my book. The most notable thing I did was wash the dishes, and that required more from me than I care to admit.

The house was cold for most of the day, and I walked around the house opening and closing windows and blinds at strategic times during the day to warm the house by about 6 degrees. It will be cold again by morning. The lack of insulation in our house makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping the temperature inside consistent.

I woke up at 7:30, of my own accord, and tried to sit through Zoolander. J loves it and told me I had to watch it. It was slightly funny. J ended up saving me from the movie by asking to me to walk to Starbucks with her. It was a 4 mile walk, but it was something to do.

Despite the bright sky and crisp air, the day was utterly apathetic for me. Cold and grey. There were hardly any birds even. There have been a distinct lack of birds since spring ended actually.

It’s getting dark sooner too. It’s only 8:30 and already it’s dark, and has been for at least half an hour.

As much as I hate the heat of mid summer, fall has got to be my least favorite time of year. Everything is turning colors and the days are growing short. I like winter, if only because it means cozy nights in front of the fire and that spring is not so far off. Fall is terrible though. All of the life is fading from everything. *sigh* I’m just too much of a pessimist is all.