I’ve decided to take this whole week off and do little if anything planned more than a day or two in advance. My summer has been terribly uneventful and school starts next week. I’m not much of an adventurer, but I do need a specifically allotted time for relaxation and fun (even if I take more time than I should during the work week anyway). And to completely contradict that statement: Today I woke myself up early to go and work at my aunts, because I figured that I could just work a full, 8 hour day today and be done with everything for the rest of the year. It was freezing when I woke, and I ended up staying home because of the temperature, and the threat of rain.

Jo and I went and did a free tea tasting thing in Seattle today. I love tea. I swear, I’m going to have to marry british because, well, hello, the accent, and because I absolutely love tea. Unfortunately my love of tea is not equally shared in my house so I’ve never really been taught proper tea anything. So, Jo and I went and had a bit of fun with it today. We tried probably a dozen teas. I enjoyed quite a lot of them, but only bought one. It was a rose tea, which I had to buy because I have a start of an English Tea Rose from my aunt. It hasn’t bloomed yet, so I bought this stuff to hold me over until it does next year.

Unfortunately I only have one tea pot. A 6 cup Brown Betty, which I had shipped over from the UK. I absolutely love it, and think it is THE perfect shape for a tea pot, but it’s far too large when making tea for one. I almost invested in a proper tea set today, but it was $60, which is more than I have to throw about at the moment. It was a Chinese set, which I hold to a different standard than British tea sets. The cups were small enough to be a good tea size, but large enough to actually be held without breaking. The tea pot wasn’t too large, so I could easily brew tea for one and still get to use a pot. There was a pitcher type thing as well, but I’m not sure what that was for since none of the tea’s we had were served with milk or cream or anything similar. Anyway, I came home and immediately made myself about 6 cups of tea. I forced some on my mom, who humored me and said it was good. She didn’t a second cup though. *sigh*

Anyhow, the real reason for this post is the fact that Sam has taken up residency on my bed again. I’m not sure what has sparked this use of my bed again, and even the downstairs couch, but he’s been on it several times today. I came upstairs to get my book this morning and found him sleeping. I took a few pictures and thought I’d share.


I was upstairs for too long and was soon joined by the two little ones. And Buttercup even laid down next to Sam (touching him even) which she NEVER does.


Everyone quickly became exhausted from the serious dog-partying that was going on and quickly fell asleep.



Well, almost. Kira was only half pretending. That black smudge is her tail waggling. A few seconds after I took this she rolled over and was belly up. She’ll appear to be in a dead sleep and then suddenly have her tail wagging if you move wrong. She’ll also reaches her little paw out to touch your face if you’re not close enough for her to give you kisses.


And then there’s this one. She stares as intensely as any cat, but with more force.


This picture (even though the lighting is horrendous) was too cute not to post. She was in the middle of whining/yawning to get my attention and this is the face I captured.


Buttercup was certain that nap time was really play time. She will yawn at you until you play with her. Or she’ll get fed up and come nudge you with her nose. And jump up and paw at you. The yawning is usually cute enough to be effective though. It’s an obnoxiously loud yawn/grumble and is completely fake. Her genuine yawns are almost totally silent. That said, she barks and yips and runs and growls and snores and wags her tail in her sleep. Sam does too. Kira is too tiny to snore, but she does whine occasionally.


Oh! The other thing I did today was get my hair cut again. K, the woman who normally does my hair, fixed it for me. My mom was getting her hair cut and I went with just to see if K could do anything. She worked wonders, let me tell you. My hair is shorter than it’s ever been, but it looks so much better than it did. She even did it for free because she was ‘only fixing it’. She’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll always go back to her, lol.  I don’t have any pictures for you though! Sorry, lol.