There seems to be a potential for caffeine addiction. I tried my first ‘double shot’ anything today (for the record, I ALWAYS get a carmel mocha frappachino with whipped cream. Most of the time I get a grande (medium) and I usually ask for the sauce instead of the syrup. Today I added a double shot of espresso. The cashier woman immediately suggested that I have the drink made a very specific way because of how the flavors would end up combining and how it would taste. She said I should have the sauce on the bottom, the drink blended, and then the espresso put on top of the mixed drink (so it can mix in slowly and cause everything to be stirred as it all heats and cools itself), with the whipped cream on top and carmel syrup drizzled over it. She put all of that on my cup. It’s the most high maintenance drink I’ve ever heard of. That said, it was rather fantastic, and managed to wake me up slightly. A normal cup of coffee puts me to sleep. I’m thinking of buying a reusable cup and having them write all of the instructions on there permanently. It was a really good drink!

The rest of my day wasn’t as exciting. My friend… Jo will call her. Because I technically know three J’s and describing them all is too much work. Jo and I have been friends since middle school and currently go to college together. We even did the Japanese exchange program together in 2007. She works in the mall now, but can’t drive, so I decided to give her a ride and experience the mall before it was technically open. We got a Starbucks (this was the first one of the day and not as exciting as the double shot that came later) and then walked around for a bit because she was early.

I came home and had lunch and then drove back to get her. We spent virtually the entire day together. I like Jo, but the girl does not know when it’s time to politely ask to leave. So I have to not-so-politely tell her its time to go. It’s kind of become a long standing joke between us, because she has never once asked to be taken home; I’m always the one to say it’s time to leave. I know, it’s terribly rude of me, but 8 hours with someone is too long when neither of you are fully awake or excited about the day. We rarely hang out but when we do it’s usually a full day thing. So I don’t feel so bad about that.

In other, much more exciting news, I felt the first drops of rain of the season today! It has been months since I felt a real rain drop! I’m a complete Washingtonian. I love my rain. I think it should rain more during the summer really. We basically have 3 months of a drought and then it dumps for the rest of the year. If we could have a longer summer with more rain in it, that would be great. Oh, and proper white winters. I would love to be snowed in sometime. That’s one of the main reasons I plan to live off in no-mans land in the foothills somewhere. I want it to snow so much that I can’t walk out the door. That’s years down the road though unfortunately.

Ok, that’s all the rambling I’ve got for today. I miss blogging, but my life just doesn’t interest me enough to type a full page out about it every night anymore. I don’t know how I managed to continuously talk about my life day after day. Nothing happens in it! Ah well. Someday that’ll change I’m sure.