To continue on with this sudden burst of motivation and a somewhat newly found friend, J and I went on another 6 mile hike today. We took an hour or so longer than the first time we went hiking, mostly because neither of us had a chance to properly recuperate. She went for a jog yesterday, and I did yard work at my aunts. Anyway, M and I have been trying to motivate each other to be more active for months, so I invited M to go for the hike with us. She declined because she wasn’t feeling that great, but said she would join us after our hike. This is all in the afternoon mind, because I didn’t get out of bed until 11:30 (I was rather tired after our hiking and a late night out!). Today J said she felt like she was my mistress, and M was my wife, which is hilariously true. M and I know each other as well as Will and Grace do, and are really just an old married couple at the core of our friendship. But J is this new and exciting thing that has me walking all over the countryside and even running, which I’ve realized I do actually love. And we all get along fantastically well together, and have already started talking about moving in to an apartment in the city together.

After our hike, J and I came home so we could shower (we both have the same level of endurance and strength at the moment, and we get about the same level of gross after several hours of hiking, lol). Then J and I had a snack (even though we had a nice PB&J lunch complete with a couple of oranges for lunch on the trail) as we waited for M to come over so we could all go to the park. We took about a 15 minute walk there and then decided we really just needed to go to Shari’s and get some pie. I love that we all have our places to sit, and our particular pies to eat. I always get the French Chocolate Silk, M gets the Sour Cream Lemon, or occasionally the blackberry cobbler, and J gets the Pecan Pie. Also, I always sit on the right side of the table, and M always sits on the left. J has decided she likes the left side also. Because yes, you all really do need to know these silly details that aren’t important but make our friendship so much more fantastic.

After our pie we were all feeling tired and full, so we headed to my house where my mom had made us dinner. And on the way there M had her Michelle Branch CD in, and Everywhere came on, which naturally meant we had to all sing at the top of our lungs like freaks. Which is something I would’ve never done a few years ago. I’m really glad I’ve got J and M in my life, because they’re both fantastic people and all of us have similar personalities and senses of humor. But we’re all different enough that we don’t get bored.

And, because apparently I haven’t seen enough of either of them in the last few days, tomorrow night we will all be going to see my/M’s friend L at Shari’s. Come to think of it, have I ever mentioned L on here before? I can’t remember, and my blogging has been so scattered in the last few months that going to look for a sign of him would be impossible. Anyway. M met L while she was working at Shari’s at the beginning of the year, because he’s a manager there. He used to work at the one that’s right at the bottom of the hill from my house, but moved to one a few towns/cities away, so seeing him became more difficult. He’s a giant gay black man in his 40s, and I’ve dubbed him my “gay guru”. He’s hilarious and completely Jack from Will and Grace. It’s really kind of terrible how like these characters we all are, haha. Anyway, J hasn’t met him yet, and she’s become such a member of our little club that she really needs to. So! We’ll all be going out together tomorrow night at 11:30 after M is done with work! If I’m not dead tired at 2 in the morning when we get home, I’ll let you all know how it goes.