Apparently I have reached my teenager phase of consistently coming home after midnight.

My whole family decided to work at my aunts today because she needed help painting her house/ getting yard work done. We didn’t get home until 8:22 (I remember this specifically because my mom commented on the sun setting earlier [it used to set at 8:30, and yes, we do notice those 8 minutes of light at my house]), so I would say I worked for at least 6 hours today. Because it was a family day though I’m not charging my aunt at all. I also wasn’t working at top speed because of my hike yesterday, and took several long breaks. And now that I’ve told you all of this I’ve forgotten how it related to the premise of this post…

Anyway, J has been planning to come over and potentially spend the night at my house because my neighbor/her roommate has a guy over for the evening and J didn’t want to have to listen to THAT all night. It took a little bit of time to get us talking because of our different schedules, but we finally just agreed to go out to Shari’s, which is normally where M and I hang out. I ended up sitting on M’s side of the table even, and had to text her immediately because we’re such an old married couple that we each have our own side of the table. I texted her “I feel like I’m sleeping on the wrong side of the bed right now!”. J and I spent a good two hours talking I’d say, and then we came home and spent another 45 min talking in my car. We even fogged up the windows with how much we were talking and laughing, which my neighbor F would’ve loved to have seen.

It was just nice to go out and have fun and not care about anything and have lengthy discussions about our life dreams or even our ideal guy. It was all just random topics that really made for an excellent conversation on the whole. I think J has definitely become one of my favorite people/friends in the last few weeks. I hope she doesn’t move out too soon. She lost her nannying job which might keep her around for a bit longer, simply because she couldn’t afford to move anywhere else (and i know rent is CHEAP where she’s currently living. If that’s all rent cost elsewhere, I could easily move out. And I do really want to move out. I think M and J and I all living together in the city would be great fun. The trouble is we would all have such fun together that we wouldn’t hardly ever go out I don’t think. Except to say that we’re all at the point in our lives where we really want to be out doing exciting things and meeting new people. We should all just take a cooking class or something random but beneficial and interesting that would be lost of fun together. I’d love to take a cooking class, as i’m currently not the best chef.

Anyway, I need to be done now, because I’ve been typing the last two paragraphs while lying in bed with my head down and eyes shut. I’m really tired. M and J and I are all going hiking tomorrow. It’ll be a hot mess and a blast. I’m really looking forward to it. All this physical activity has been really beneficial.