I’ve slowly begun to come out of my depression in the last few days, but today really snapped me out of it. And this is being written at 1 AM, so bye today, I technically mean yesterday. Anyway. I had my math final yesterday, and as my mom told my aunt I wouldn’t be wokring all week I figured I’d take today to just sit around the house and let whatever needed to happen happen. That turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in weeks, as my neighbor’s roommate J (who’s 23 and with whom I’ve become rather close apparently) called me around noon to ask if I was doing anything for the day. I had only been up for a few hours at this point and told her I had no plans (I had been reading The Lord Of The Rings when she called, as I’ve never made it past The Hobbit and felt I should really give it a proper go). She invited me to take a hike with her which I happily (though perhaps not enthusiastically) agreed to.

It took us awhile to get organize (I had yet to shower, lunch had to be eaten and a snack made for our adventure etc), but we finally left the house around 2. We began our hike on Cougar Mountain laughing at ourselves, as the trail is extremely steep at the start and neither of us are in shape. So our conversation became increasingly labored as we huffed and puffed our way up the hill, which we both found quite humorous. We continued on for several miles, though we stopped occasionally for a water break and at the climax of our venture we stopped to have our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I had made, along with an apple for each of us. We talked and laughed for most of it, which is something I haven’t done in quite some time. We even ran down the trail to “Just Around The River Bend” and Colors of The Wind” from Pocahontas on our way back to the car. It was too silly and too much fun not to do. How could we not sing “come run the hidden pine trails of the forrest” while running through the forrest?!

Once our 6 mile hike was finished we went home and changed and then grabbed a couple of towels and our current books and went to the park/beach. We laid down and read/slept/lounged for a good hour or two, watching people as they walked past. One guy was extremely fit and attractive, so I told J to go and get his phone number (neither of us are very out going in this department), which of course she didn’t. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and as he passed you could clearly the see the scratch marks some lucky lady had left on his back. I immediately redoubled my efforts to coheres J into going and talking to him. “That boy has scratches down his back; you already know you’ll have a good time of things!” I said this a bit too loudly, as the guy turned back to look at us which sent us into a fit of laughter.

After our fun was had at the park we returned home and debated what to have for dinner with my mom. We ended up all going to the store and picking out random things to eat with the salmon my other neighbor F gave us, as he had made too much for S and himself. We had salmon and a bit of salad and some soup that J bought at the store, along with a glass of wine or two. It was good fun. I’m glad we did this today; I really needed it. That said, I will be extremely sore in the morning, haha.

On a slightly random note, you all should really listen to Imagine Dragons’ On Top Of The World. It’s a fantastic up-beat song that fit today perfectly. Let me see if I can find it for you…

It’s rather wonderful. All of their music is great actually.

Anyway! I’m doing much better and hopefully I can keep up some level of activity, because this hike really was good for me.